Face of Australia - Polyester Girl

Do you know how time consuming it is placing glitter on your nails? Those two accent nails from the other day took nearly half an hour for me... And the glitter placing was not even "that" dense!!!

So, when it was time to take off my mani, I somehow decided to keep the accents... LOL I know, lazy me... :)

It was a sunny day, and I was wearing a pink outfit, so I thought why not a pink mani??? And I grabbed my first Australian polish Briana sent me... :)

The brand is Face of Australia and the polish is Polyester Girl, a bright neon pink!!! It applied nicely, even and smooth... But I think it dried to a semi matte finish. I don't know, maybe it was me, but it really looked satin like. So I gave it a shiny look with Seche and stamped my pinkie with an Essence plate I recently bought...

What do you think of "Mani Saving" mani???? LOL
Do you have any Australian polish?


  1. That's a lovely pink. I don't own any Face of Australia polishes, but I have a couple of Emily de Molly's :)

    1. Hmmm, I've heard of them but I try to forget about it... LOL They are a little expensive... :)