Born Pretty Store Stamping Plate Holder

Hi there!

I'm back with another review for Born Pretty Store.

This time it is a gadget that all stamping lovers need! A stamping plate holder!!!!


I usually store my plates in businness card holders. Which is good. But the slots are not as strudy as I want them to be. So with time, the plastic slots get torn... :(

That's why I love my Pueen plates that come with their own holders. <3

So when I saw this plate holder in Born Pretty Store, I knew I had to try it!

It comes with two color choices, pink and peachblow. Mine is peachblow, but it looks nothing like peach, it is a deep pink. :P

The case is 8cm to 8.5cm. Mine has 13 double sided pages that are 6.2cm to 6.5cm eventhough it says it has 12 double sided pages on their website... Yay, I got a bonus one...

Regular 5.5 cm round plates fit inside the slots perfectly! I also tried a few QA plates that are hexagonal and they fit as well. And each slot can hold two plates.

What I like about these cases is that you can scroll through your plates easily and instead of carrying the whole binder, you can carry the plates you want with you everywhere. Plus they look so stylish!

Well, honestly, I'm soooo pleased with this product, I think I'm going to order some more. Well, for $3.99 and free shipping you can't go wrong. Annnddd you will have an extra 10% off when you enter HLL91 code at checkout!!!


Born Pretty Store Stamping Plates

I may be a little late but hey, have you heard about Born Pretty Store's new stamping plates????

Well, if you are like me, you must have heard the good news. For stamping lovers, especially the ones that suck at freehand such as me, new stamping plates are always welcome.

Anyway, Born Pretty Store was kind enough to send me some samples for my honest review. So I went to the Born Pretty website and picked 3 plates that I loved the most...

The plates come with the classic blue protective film. They have black backings and they are 5.5cm wide, just like regular round plates.

Let's start with Born Pretty 09. First of all, when I saw this plate in person, I was really sorry, because the square images were really small, and they only fit a few of my nails. Thankfully, Born Pretty has listened to customer reviews and redesigned this plate with a few more plates that had small images. So if you order now, you'll get the updated plate, which is this one...

And for those like me, that are stuck with the first set of plates, Born Pretty offers free replacements for the next order you place. You just have to state that you want a replacement of that plate in the comment box when you finish your next order and you'll get free replacements.  :D :D

the revised plate

BornPretty 10 is a plate with both small images and a big image... 

 Born Pretty 02 is one of the redesigned plates. The pictures below is my version of the plate. You can check this link for the updated version. Actually, it would be nice to have a big lace pattern since the ones on the top row are rather small for my nails. :D


the revised plate

Anyway, the plates are nicely etched and I did not have any stamping problems. And I am thinking of buying the other plates as well, because you know, a girl cannot have enough plates. :)

A friendly reminder, Born Pretty Store ships worldwide, for free and if you happen to use the code HLL91 at checkout, you get an extra 10% off. :D

Happy Shopping


Flormar Glitter GL10

I can never say no to a good holo... It doesn't matter if it is scattered or linear, although I kind of like linear ones better.

So, Flormar Glitter GL10 is a black jeyy based polish with holographic glitter. It takes two thick coats to become opaque and the effect is just awsome... Don't you think?


A England - Fated Prince

I must have mentioned a zillion times how much I love A England polishes here in my blog.

Well, today is no different.

I have two coats on my nails of A England Fated Prince, a grey hued holo...



Essie - Lots of lux

The pictures came out a little dark but still, I loved this polish.

This is Essie Lots of Lux from the 2013 Encrusted Treasures collection. It is a deep blue with gold / silver shimmer and it is a textured polish!! Yay...

I have two coats here, and application was a breeze. Although sometimes I wish I could use a speed drying topcoat over textures. The drying time makes me mad most of the time. :D



Here comes another post that was forgotten...

I had bought these Rimmel texture polishes in spring,  wore them once and then forgot about them. They were a little too pastel for my taste and I never wore them again... :P

But here they are, two coats of each, without a topcoat of course...

This is Candyfloss Cutie, a peach texture...

Sherbet Sweetheart, a lemon yellow... Still to pastel.

Blueberry Whizz is the most pigmented one I think.

While Applelicious is the sheerest one. It doesn't even look green... :(

Yep, as a texture lover, I think this collection is a fail... :(


Nail Mail from England

My swap partner for September was Julie, from England... Since Royal Mail doesn't let people to ship polishes outside UK, she sent me a package full of with goodies along with a gift card from Llarowe...

The goodies came first...

Carmex is a lip balm, it looks like Blistex med and it really works on dry lips... Boots hand an nail creme and cuticle oil is just awsome!

A glass file, a pampering hot cloth facial cleanser and L'occitane shampoo and conditioner... <3

The yummy stuff, as usual the first ones that are consumed...

And OMG OMG!!! MoYou London plates from my wishlist!!!! <3 <3 <3
I really love MoYou plates. I can buy all of them if I have the chance.... :D

And a few days later, the polishes I ordered from Llarowe arrived...


The one on the left is Dance Legend Spacecraft... Picture Polish Badass in the middle and the one on the right is Glitter Gal Crushed Ego...

All three are awsome, but honestly nothing beats the holo effect of Dance Legend!!!

Thank you again Julie, for this gorgeous package... <3 <3


Nubar - Wild Life

Here's a mani from the vault, before summer... This is the Nubar Wild Life Karin has sent me...

I have two coats on and I stamped it with Cheeky CH52 and Essence Stampy Black...

Oh, and this is the first time I'm using a full nail design as a french tip and I think I like it... LOL


My first indie - A-England Tristam

I cannot believe I haven't been blogging for this long!!!

First of all, I am fine, thanks to God. I just took a break after my 2 month summer holiday where I had no access to "any" polish!!!! I know, scary, right? And after that, my daughter's school began and adjusting to housework again and doing other stuff... Oh, how mant times I've postponed writing a few words...

OK, guilty as charged, but enough is enough...

I'M BACK!!!!

LOL, at least I'll try to blog as much as I can...

And it means I'm starting now...

A Facebook group I'm in has a daily challenge for November about indies. For the first day, the challenge was "your first indie"... Going through my stash, I realized that I don't own that many indies and the ones I have are mostly A-Englands... Can you believe I have bought many polishes from A-England before the Royal pain in the Mail began and haven't used some of them ever since????

Well, Tristam was one of them. And it was the very first one I've bought...

So today, I'm wearing it for the first time in 3 years... Oh my God, what a loss... What a great formula!!!!

Anyway, I'll leave you with the pictures and promise to be back soon...

Thanks for reading...