Selin's Corner

We made an agreement with my daughter. On Saturdays, she is going to take over my blog and show you some precious nail art from her collection. I'm not sure if this is going to be regular, but here's today's post... :)


Hi! My name is Selin. I like nail polish. Let's start.

I like Golden Rose IMPRESSION 07. It's hairy. It looks like purple and pink.

And there is just  purple one. It's IMPRESSION 11. One nail 07, one nail 11.

I wore Essence colour and go "A lovely Secret" for the base color. It looks very good.

You can look it up.

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Blue Skittle

Here's a mani I made while going to an event hosted by Flormar...

Pinkie : Two coats of OPI HoneyRyder
Ring : Flormar Wet Look WL01 stamped with Konad m79
Middle : Flormar Wet Look WL01 stamped with Konad m65
Index : Flormar Black Dot B04 three coats
Thumb : Flormar Wet Look WL01 stamped with Konad m59


GRFC Challenge - Not Yet, But Almost

I feel like Christmas is fast approaching and the start of this challenge just makes it official!!!

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. Although we don't celebrate it religiously, I like the decorations and the presents... :) And it is a good excuse to wear red... :)

I have already set up my tree which I know that some believe it may bring bad luck. But I just couldn't resist. :) I cannot wait to put the presents under it... :)

So, for today, the theme is Not Yet, But Almost... I decided making a candy cane theme for today...

For my base color, I used Essence Snow White.. Oh, for my pinkie, it was two coats or Orly Halo... :) It looked more silver in the bottle but looking at the pictures, I realise it is a gold in person... :)

Anyway, then I used Konad White to stamp my index and ring fingers. Index is BM423 and ring fnger is QA68.

I topped all with China Glaze Fairy Dust and a coat of Seche...

Here is my first mani of Getting Ready for Christmas Challenge!!!!

See you on day 2 :)



Hi there,

It has been a while since I did a challenge because keeping up was so hard for me... But this one, I just couldn't pass it!

It is a challenge created by Elsa from the Like A Candy Shop blog! She is a super cute Italian lady with gorgeous nails and awsome make up posts... Anyway, the thing about this challenge is, you go at your own pace... No pressures at all, and the themes are super cute...

Visit Elsa's blog if you want to join in and wait for my first post on 28th of November!!!

China Glaze - When Stars Collide

Please refer to the previous post about my opinions on holos... :P


Today I'm wearing China Glaze Holographics - When Stars Collide. It is a dark maroon with holographic effect. The effect is not really strong but it is still there...

I stamped the dots from Winstonis W112 with Color Club Cloud Nine... :) Prettty :P


A-England - Sleeping Palace


Sorry for being rude but I just had to rant... :) You know what I'm talking about, if you read my posts... :P

Anyway, A England has been the first indie that I owned when I started blogging. I did not exactly know what an indie was back in that time. :) Now I know it all but unfortunately (or thankfully), I am not that into indie brands. One; because the cost more than regular polish, two; they don't always ship to Turkey, and when they do, it costs more than the polish itself. :)

Anyway, I always welcome A-England's polish, so when Maggie sent it to me, I was totally happy!

I applied two easy coats, could have managed with just one because it is a highly pigmented polish but I did two... :) Did not stamp on it... I wanted to enjoy the pure perfection!!!!

Oh and by the way, the background you see in the pictures are copied from Natalie, from Nailz Craze. I loved the glittery backgrounds and copied her look! Awsome, isn't it???


IsaDora Forest

Ta daaaa! My very first IsaDora!!!! It was sent by the lovely Anja from Sweden...

First thoughts? Why do you make so tiny bottles for gorgeous polishes?????!!!!!! It is only 8ml and I am afraid it will finish!!!! I feel the same for its Suger Crush sisters as well :)

Anyway, on to the polish... It was a moss green with golden shimmer. Application was easy, 2 coats, streak free.

I could have stamped on it but it was my lazy day. Maybe next time... "wink wink" :)


China Glaze - Strap on your Moonboots

Today I have another China Glaze for you. It is Strap on your moonboots from the Holographic collection.

I don't know about you but this holos are not considered as holos in my book. They are not that strong and the application is not that easy... I have so many gorgeous holos in my collection to compare with these... I feel the same for CG all new collections as well. There is not one thing that I go crazy...:(

Anyway, I used a water based base coat for this one and applied two coats of SOYM... Then I stamped it with the butterflies from Pueen 39. I used Konad Silver, which was another fail in my opinion... :P


Pastel 121

Here's another color I fail to describe!!! It is from Pastel, and the number is 121. I have two coats on my nails and it looks pretty nice...

However, the color changes from a very light grey to a very light blue... And I really cannot decide which one... :P

Still pretty :)