September Haul :)

Well, the title is a little deceiving... This is not the whole September Haul... Honestly it is only the end-of-September Haul.. LOL

What can I do, when I see new stuff, I feel like I have to buy them. I accept that this is some kind of addiction, but what can you do... :)

Anyway, let's start with Essence new Trend Edition goodies...

Looks like metal look will be a hit this fall.. I bought 3 of the Metal Glam eyeshadows... They are (from l to r) 04 Sparkle All Night, 05 Chocolate Jewellery and 02 Coffe to Glow...

I bought this Glow Tinted Lip Balm in 01 Light Up, but it doesn't give a dense color, so I think I'll be giving it to my daughter... I also bought Long Lasting lip colors in 06 Barely There and 09 Wear Berries but I forgot to photograph them... :( But I can say that they are really nice. Not really long lasting but nice... :)

Finally we have some new nail polish!!!! Most of the new colors arrived but I was really curious about the sand style polishes so I got them first... From left to right, they are 156 Me and my lover, 163 Hey, Nude and 165 Here's my number...

I also got 155 Red Ahead, 152 Give me nude, baby, Special Effect Topper 17 Only Purple Matters and 18 Fly Firefly Fly which is a glow in the dark topcoat... I was really curious about this one. I've heard that some glow in the darks need black light but this one is not one of them. I've made a quick test and it really just glows in the dark. Not for the whole night, but it is still pretty... :)

I also bought the Paper Print transfer solution and Love Letters paper... I've read somewhere that these don't transfer perfectly but I wanted to try and see for myself. The printed paper is relatively small, smaller than A4 paper and it looks like newspaper... We'll just have to wait and see... :)

This cuticle oil pen is lovely. I carry it in my purse and use it whenever I need some cuticle oil. Really easy to use and carry...

Another thing I was curious about!!!! Tatoo pen... It is water soluble black ink. The tip seems a little thick but I liked it... Takes some practise and steady hands and voila you have nicely dressed nails... :)

Moving on with new Avon Colors... These are rich pigmented cremes... A teal, a deep cherry and a mushroom color... Perfect for fall... They are called Savage, Racey Raspberry and Untamed...

I also bought this lip crayon in Fresh Fuchsia. It is really pigmented and easy to use. Like a giant lip liner... I loved it... I wish it had more colors... :)

And finally, I bought this Perfect Kiss lipstick in Earthy Plum... Such a deep, pigmented brugundy... A perfect fall color!!!!

Yes... That's it for now... Did you see anything you liked?

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