The Lacquer Legion - Lucky

Hi there!!!

Another month has passed and it is Lacquer Legion time again!

This month the theme is Lucky... I guess everybody will interpret this differently. For me, it is a little different...

First of all, this is my first Dior polish. I try to stay away from high-end polishes. Mostly because I can't afford them... :D I own a few Chanels, 3 to be exact.... And I bought my first Dior after seeing the Spring Collection!

Honestly, I fell for the color first. It is a gorgeous baby blue, perfect for spring... Formula is tricky. First coat was streaky, second coat was better. I could have applied a third coat, but since I was planning on stamping it, I went with two coats.

And then, I used my Winstonia W111 plate and Barry M Silver for the stamping... Topcoat is Poshe...

And here is the result!

I am #LLlucky to own this polish!!!!

Don't forget to check other #LLlucky manis on socail media!


Avon - Spring Colors 2

I tried a cloud mani for the first time!!!!!!!

I started with Avon Wandering Rose, two coats. It is from the Spring Collection. I really loved all the polishes from the Spring Collection this year. They are so bright and pigmented colors and they complete each other, which you'll see in a little bit... :)

Anyway, I watched many tutroials on YouTube about cloud manis. It looks so easy to do... So I decided to give it a try...

Well, it was easy, really, but somehow, my clouds did not turn out round, but a little square-ish... :D
It may be because of the brush shape or that I am completely unskilful... :(

Btw, I used Impulsive Sky and Cultured Purple for the clouds...

I still like the result anyway. But I'll keep on trying for better results... :)

One final touch... I wanted to add some sparkle so I painted a coat of Catherine Arley silver holo 667. It is a sheer polish, so I thought I could use it as a topcoat.

What do you think? Yay or nay? (for the holo part) :)


Avon - Spring Colors 1

I had bought Avon Spring Colors almost a month ago and had used the green  "Impulsive Sky" for my LLAdoration mani...

Well, here's the rest of the gang...

From left to right, Scenic Grey, ImpulsiveSky, Cultured Purple and Wandering Rose...

This is Scenic Grey, two coats.

 And below, I have 2 coats of Cultured Purple with an accent of IsaDora Sugar Crush in Gold Crush...

And below, I stamped lines with Kleancolor Metallic Purple and added golden dots with IsaDora Gold Sparkles.

The pink will be on the next post... :)


Flormar Satin Matte - Cobalt

Remember the last time I showed you the new Flormar Satin Mattes?

And that I told you I bought only 2 from the collection?

Well, I caved and got another one...

This is Cobalt... :)

It is a teal with shimmer that dires to a stain finish. I used two coats. Applied nicely and drying time is normal. I did not use a top coat.

It can be a lovely base for nail art. I'll try it next time. :)


La Bella Vernice - Tranquility

I have another La Bella Vernice for you today. It is Tranquility from the Winter Blues collection. It is a blue, leaning towards green with a lovely shimmer...

I have two coats here...

To finish my mani, I used Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 107 on the tips and I stamped the fish scales from MASH 39 with A England St. George...

You can buy La Bella Vernice from www.bellavernice.com and check thier Facebook page for upcoming collections...


Essie - Twin Sweater Set

I have mentioned before that I don't have many red polish. That was because I did not like the look of red on my skin. Well, untill now... I still don't like bright flag reds, but this one stole my heart....

This is Essie Twin Sweater Set... It is a crimson red... Lovely... Two coats... And the formula is a joy to work with. Really pigmented and I tried, it stamps... (check the ring finger) :)

For the ring finger, I used OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, the official polish for bloggers... LOL And stamped the herats from Pueen 41 with Essie... :)

Who says you can't wear hearts after the 14th of February... :)


ESSIE Vested Interest

Essie Vested Interest was a gift from my lovely friend Camilla, from Bookpolish.

It is a lovely color, but hard for me to describe. You know, I have problems with describing colors and this baby here does not help me a bit... :)

I'll just say it it is somewwhere between a grey and a green... LOL I like to think of it as a grey, because I like grey nowadays... Any physcological explanation for this? Go ahead..... :)

Anyway I have 2 coats here, easy application...

On top of it, I sponged some glitter, NOPI Selena Gomez Confetti Fun, which is a multi colored/shaped glitter that can be worn with many polish... :)

Oh, and sponging glitters is a new thechnique I've learned. The sponge gets most of the celar base, so you are left with glitters and  you can place your glitters whereever you want without the gloppy layers of frusturating base... :)

What do you think?


La Bella Venice - Unwrap Me

Hello to you all!!!

It may seem like I've neglected my blog for some time but I was so busy with life... I'm sure you'd understand...

I've hardly had time to put on polish, you know? Yes, I was that busy... LOL

But for nice things... (Thank God)

For starters, I made these pretty totes for La Bella Vernice...

They are made from natural fabric, sewn by me, hand painted by me... :) And they are totally customisable...

Taking more orders... :)

Oh, and now, I'm writing this post at the parent hall of the Kidzania Istanbul... I'm sure you've heard this before, it is small city where kids try different jobs and earn their own money. I'm waiting for my daughter and I guess it will be along wait.

And moving on to manis...

I have pictures of La Bella Vernice Unwrap Me for you today. Actually, I had this mani weeks ago but I did not have the time to write the post about it, so it was in the drafts folder... :)

Unwrap me is a light blue scattered holo. I have 3 coats on my nails. It is such a lovely color and it reminds me of winter skies, I don't know why...

And I tried to make some wintery decorations... Well, I may have been watching too much Frozen lately, thanks to my daughter. And this mani reminded me of Frozen... :)

I sponged a little white on the tips to create a snow effect. And then stamped various snowflakes from MoYou Christmas Plate. Oh, and I added a little China Glaze Fairy Dust... :)

What do you think? Delicate, isn't it?