Cheeky Jumbo Plates

I recently ordered Cheeky Jumbo Plates A and B from Amazon.com, when I heard that they were on a huge sale. They arrived yesterday, even before the estimated delivery date... Wow, thank you Cheeky... (You should note that I live in Turkey)

As a person who owns the Vibrant and Summer Collection sets from Cheeky, I must say that the plate quality is the same. Detailed images and so far I've not seen a defective plate. I only had one plate from the Vibrant Collection that had a dent on it, but it did not effect the stamping, so we're good. 

These Jumbo Plates come with a blue protective film and pink plastic backing, which I think is way too cute... :)

The images are highly detailed. They are big in size, so they could easily fit big nailbeds or long nails, 2cm long and 1.5cm wide, to be exact, just like the Summer Collection. 

Sorry for the poor clean-up... :)

Anyway, here's the first image I used from the B plate. You'll be seeing a lot more Cheeky in my manis, because I ordered C and D plates, too... :)

2 Coats of HITS MariMoon Daring over 1 coat of Golden Rose Black, stamped with Cheeky Jumbo Plates B using Essie Good as Gold.


  1. That is an interesting couple of plates - I consider enrolling those in my stack of plates. I just need to justify it by using some of my other plates more :)

    1. Hmm, they are really niceeeee :)