Born Pretty Store QA88 Plate

Hi everyone...

New year came with a lot of sleep for me... I feel like a hibernating bear! I can't get enough sleep!!!! :D

Anyway, today I am going to show you another stapming plate from Born Pretty Store... This is from the QA series, avtually, it is QA88.

The reason I picked this plate was because of the image size. Some designs do not fit my huge nails sometimes, such as BM first series. So when I saw this plate with a single big image, I wanted to try it.

The beauty of plates like these is that the possibilities are endless. You can use every inch of the plate and yet have different designs on your nails.

As usual, the plate comes with a blue protective film. The engravings are flawless, the designs transfer effortlessly... It says quirky arabesque pattern on the site but to me it is all about swirls... :D I love everything about this plate... :)

If you want to own this plate for $2.99 or other plates from Born Pretty Store, you should know that they offer free shipping worldwide, plus 10% off for my readers when you use HLL91 code at checkout.


Getting into holiday mood???

Nowadays I can't seem to get anything done. Well, the main reason is... I have too many irons in the fire... :D :D

(The Turkish idiom for my situation is like carrying too many watermelons under one arm.... ) LOL

I'm into a lot of things. Sewing, crocheting, knitting, nail polish, reading, watching tv series and also regular house chores... Don't forget helping my daughter with her lessons... Oh and add social life, friends that need attention, school gatherings, play dates to these and boom, I have absolutely no time left for blogging!

Anyway, finally today I found some peace and started writing this post. And guess what, I got disturbed by the family members, again!  :D :D

Oki, moving on to the mani. Because if you let me, I can rant for hours!!!

I have been seeing elegant lace nails everywhere. So today was experimenting day. On my bare nails, I stamped the lacy roses design from Pueen 27 plate. On top of it, I painted French tips. And used Seche as the final coat...

Posing with my Christmas tree is a bonus... :P

Goota go before I get disturbed again. I'm planning on writing another blogpost... :D


Golden Rose Holiday 89

It looks like I've neglected local brands lately. The other day I was visiting the mall and I stopped by the Golden Rose kiosk to find new Golden Rose texture shades.

This is Golden Rose Holiday Collection 89, a light grey textured polish. If you follow my blog for some time, you must know that I love textures. But I prefer glittery and sparkly ones. This one scored points for being a texture... And extra points for being grey. Bu I wish it was a little glittery... :D

Anyway, it looked a little dull so I decided to sponge a darker grey on the tips, Milani Shady Grey...

And finally I stamped the image from Cheey European Romance plate.

Final decision, I liked it. :D


Born Pretty Store Stamping Plate Holder

Hi there!

I'm back with another review for Born Pretty Store.

This time it is a gadget that all stamping lovers need! A stamping plate holder!!!!


I usually store my plates in businness card holders. Which is good. But the slots are not as strudy as I want them to be. So with time, the plastic slots get torn... :(

That's why I love my Pueen plates that come with their own holders. <3

So when I saw this plate holder in Born Pretty Store, I knew I had to try it!

It comes with two color choices, pink and peachblow. Mine is peachblow, but it looks nothing like peach, it is a deep pink. :P

The case is 8cm to 8.5cm. Mine has 13 double sided pages that are 6.2cm to 6.5cm eventhough it says it has 12 double sided pages on their website... Yay, I got a bonus one...

Regular 5.5 cm round plates fit inside the slots perfectly! I also tried a few QA plates that are hexagonal and they fit as well. And each slot can hold two plates.

What I like about these cases is that you can scroll through your plates easily and instead of carrying the whole binder, you can carry the plates you want with you everywhere. Plus they look so stylish!

Well, honestly, I'm soooo pleased with this product, I think I'm going to order some more. Well, for $3.99 and free shipping you can't go wrong. Annnddd you will have an extra 10% off when you enter HLL91 code at checkout!!!