Welcome Spring - Week 3


I am late to post my Spring mani for week 3, I know... Nowadays I just can't find time to finish my daily chores... I blame spring for this... I feel teribbly tired and I'm having a hard time getting up. More time in bed means less time for manis and blogging... I just wish days were longer... :D

Anyway, for week 3, I decided giving freehand roses another try. Do you follow Paulina's Passions? She does incredibly beautiful freehand rose manicures and I really love them. I tried to make some roses according to her tutorial and I really liked the outcome... :D

I started with 2 coats of Essie First Timer.

Then I stamped some lines using OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls. The stamp is Gals GA21. As you can see, my nails are at their longest these days (thank God). So the Gals images hardly fit on the tips... Well, since I was going to cover them, I did not care... :D

And here comes the challenge!

I grabbed my daughters dear acrylic paints and started making my roses. I used dotting tools. I know they are not perfect, but from a distance, they look like roses... LOL

And here is an awkward hand pose to show my thumb... Honestly, I loved how the thumb turned out.


Golden Rose 113

Nudes seem t atract me nowadays... Normally, I don't prefer nudes, but I notice myself looking at manis with nude bases, even I'm starting to like the nail trend where you make designs only on clear basecoat, you know what I mean?

Anyway, here's today's mani.

This is Golden Rose 113. I bought it, because it looked like a very light grey on the web page. But it turns out that it is a very light taupe, or mushroom color...  Not to bad for my taste...

I have two coats on. The application was easy. It gets streaky on the first coat but second coat was self leveling.

The image is from Cheeky Jumbo European Romance, by the way...


Welcome Spring - Week 2

It is the second week of April already??? Wow, time surely flies by...

Well, for the second week, I got inspired by a lovely manicure I saw on Instagram, a mani by Kirsten. http://instagram.com/kirstenposluns

I used Sinful Colors Unicorn, Sugar Rush, Sweet Tooth and Orange Cream for the bases and added white dots and with a black striper, made the lines... The odd shapes you see in the middle are supposed to be bows... LOL

Not "that" bad, eh? :)


La Bella Vernice - Feeling Shameless

Hi there!

Are you ready to meet my first thermal polish? 


Well, actually this is the second thermal I own. The first one was from BPS and it was a nightmare to work with. Maybe I got a bad bottle or something... But this is nothing like that... In fact, it is a dream... :)

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you La Bella Vernice - Feeling Shameless!!!

In the bottle it looks like a lovely purple with crazy holo particles. It was much more sheer than I expected. First coat was a faint color. But the formula is so easy to work with, and it really dries quickly, so that sheerness was really not an issue. Actually, I prefer this formula against the yougurt like one... LOL

I have 3 coats on my fingers. Three coats' opacity was enough for me. But if you like you can have a nother coat. I am not sure if layering it over a similar color will work. If you've tried it, let me know. :)

Here it is, looking like blue. It stays like that when it is warm. The funny thing is, the pigments are so sensitive and quick acting, that when I put on a layer, the tips get the purple haze at first (because the polish in the bottle is cold). And then it warms up and becomes the same color as the base...

immediately after a coat

after holding an ice cube for seconds...

after dipping all nails in cold water

One more thing, the thermal effect still continues after a top coat, so no worries there... :)

Overall, I really loved this polish. I've been playing with it like a child. It may look wonderful on the beach, also on cold days... Love it!!!! <3


Essence Love Letters LE

Essence Love Letters LE was in the stores in February and I had bought some of the collection back then. But I got to try them only today... :)

Yeah, that happens when you have over 700 polish and continue buying... :P

Anyway, there were 5 polishes in the collection and I bought only 3, because the latter was way too much nude for me... I also bought the stampy set, which had cute hearts on it. The stamps from those stampy sets don't seem to work for me. They are harder than the Konad stamper. But being determined to make it work, I buffed it a little and voila, it worked. Well, not the best quality, but in emergencies (did you have a stamping emergency? :P ) it can be used...

Here is Grey Headed Lovebird as my base... It took two coats to be opaque. Not the greatest formula, but it is ok... Don't be fooled by its name. It is not grey. It looks taupe to me... :D

And the surprise of the collection was Ink Heart... It is a dark grey. On the bottle it said "perfect for stampy set" and honestly, I did not think it would "stamp" that good... Well, I was wrong! It stamps nicely...

There, I used it to stamp the dots from Winstonia W112 and a cute bow from an Essence plate. Really good!!! And no side effects of Konad Black... LOL Hmmm, I should get some spare bottles of this one. Because I did not have a grey stamping polish and I think I like it..

Anyway, I was chatty today... I'll show you the third polish I got from this collection on another day... (It has blue in its name but it is actually a grey) LOL can Essence be colorblind??? :P