Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween to all!!!

Although we don't officially celebrate Halloween in Turkey, there are still some parties here and there. My daughter used to celebrate it in Kindergarten as well... Every year I used to sew her a dress for Halloween... :)

Anyway, since it is a fun holiday and since my Halloween package arrived the other day, I have an excuse to make a Halloween nail art for today!!! :) :)

I used Essence Black is back on my pinkie and then stamped it with BM223 using Essence stamping polish in white...

For my ring and middle fingers, I used two coats of Spoiled Orange You Glad, an awsome polish for Halloween... For the ring finger, I drew a pumpkin using Essence Nail Art Tatoo pen... :) Not so bad, huh? And for the ring finger I stamped the haunted house from BM305.

For the index finger, I used two coats of Australis Limited Edition 2, also a great green for Halloween... :) I stamped the straight lines from Cheeky10 and then made it look like a witch shoe using the tatoo pen again. :)

Andddddd for my thumb, afgter 2 coats of Australis Limited Edition 2, I freehanded Frankenstein!!!! I totally worked hard for that and I am quite pleased with my work, since I suck at freehand drawings!!!!!!!



Here's a closeup of Fankie... :P


Happy Halloween!!! Do not eat to much candy!!!! :P


  1. This was great! Well done! We don't celebrate it that much in sweden either, I just decorate my nails for fun and that's it! :D

    1. Thank you! Working with that tatoo pen was hard. Maybe I'll do better with acrylics... :)