RETO 2013 - Week 4 Inspired by Disney

Hi there...

Finally my nails got a little better so I celebrated this with the new Challenge of RETO 2013... This time we are inspired by Disney!!!!

Like most of the people, my favorite Disney characters are Mickey and Minnie... So I did a mani inspired by them today...

I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Cherry Red for the accent nail and Black Out for the rest. I made the polka dots of Minnie's dress with Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in White Out. I stamped the Mickey heads and the glove using the same polish and the image from the FUN1 plate.

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RETO 2013 - Week 3 - Inspired by flags

Ok! I should probably explain my absence lately... Well, the thing is, I've been going around with naked nail lately!!!

Yes, guilty as charged! But I had a lot going on, and polish was the last thing on my mind...

You know, in the last post how I told you that I broke my nails... Well, we have been decorating my daughters room, and things got worse... I broke ALL my nails during the cleaning and decorating process... They are back to nubbins now. In fact, they are shorter than nubbins... Well, word fail the state of their shortness.... :)

Anyway, with those short nails and the peelies, plus the decorations, we also had my daughter's birthday yesterday, which required 3 parties, lots of guests and many many cooking...

Long story short, I realised that I missed my RETO 2013 Challenge.... This weeks, well, last weeks challenge was Inspired by Flags... Given that I did the Turkish flag last month, I thought I should come up with something new... So I did a Pirate Flaggggg!!!!

I started with 2 coats of Avon Liqorice and stamped the skull on MASH 29 with Konad Special White... I tried to make the crossbones with my dotting tool and really messed it... I wish I had used a brush instead...

Oh, and I have Essence false nails on... So you don't get to see my ugly ugly nails... :(


RETO 2013 - Week 2 - Inspired by love

Hi there...

I know I'm not around this month... And I miss blogging... In fact, I miss wearing polish!!! But somehow, I managed to break both thumbs and index finger nails. And I have some nasty peelings on the others... So I filed them all to nubbins... In fact, the word nubbins fail to describe their ugliness... :(

Anyway, I keep them moistured and take my vitamins and hope that they heal soon... In the mean time, I don't want to miss my challenges. So after a long time (well, it was a long time for me) I wore nail polish for the second week of the RETO 2013 Challenge...

The theme was love, as it is Valentine's day tomorrow... I don't know about you, but for me, those special days lose meaning with age... :(

Anyyyyway, for this mani, I used OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls as my base color. 2 coats over Orly Bonder... Then I stamped the images from  Cheeky CH53 and Bundle Monster BM317 with Zoya Jacey. I never thought Jacey would stamp this good... :)

Thanks for reading... :)

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Awsome Swap!

Hi there...

I have another blogpost with another swap I made with the sweetest lady, April from Southern Sass and Sprakle...

She sent me the prettiest polishes in my wishlist and many more... And don't forget about the candy!!!

Here's the whole package before it was plundred!!! LOL!!!

Close up on the polishes!!!

Thanks again April, you surely put a lot of thought to this package and I loved them all!!!


RETO 2013 - Week 1 - Inspired by a candy

For the first week of the RETO 2013 challenge, we were supposed to make a mani inspired by a candy. I'm more like a choclate lover, but I've always liked the appearance of candy canes, so I chose to to a candy cane mani...

FYI, I've had a massive break on my thumb and index finger nails, so you'll only be seeing 3-fingered manis for a few days... :) Sorry for that...

Anyway, I used two coats of Flromar Pretty in White, my favorite white nowadays... Then I stamped with Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Red using plates Mash40 and BM306...

See you next week with love themed nails... :)

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Gold Studs - Born Pretty Store Review

Recently I was contacted by Born Pretty Store to make some reviews. I picked the 2mm gold square studs I've been seeing around... My package arrived last week, but because of the 31 day challenge, I was able to use them only today... :)

The studs came in a small bubble envelope in almost 20 days. They were in a zippered pouch, but I don't plan to keep them there. I will empty them to a tiny pot... :)

First I tried a half moon mani... I started with 2 coats of Flormar black. While the polish was still wet, I took my dotting tool and started placing them on my nails. As the polish dried, they stuck on my nails, so I didn't have to use a top coat. :)

One more thing, as you can see, on my ring finger, the last stud did not fit. So I took my nail clippers and cut it to fit... :)

I saw a fellow blooger do a Tetris nail design the other day... So I thought I should give it a try... I really loved how this one turned out... Totally cute... :)

Ok, I admit it, I went overboard with this one... LOL

Anyway, if you want to buy from these studs or other nail art accessories, you should visit the Born Pretty Store...

Feel free to use the coupon code HLL91 Born Pretty Store has provided to my readers, for a 10% off with worldwide free shipping!!!

These products were sent to me for my honest review... For more info, please visit the Disclosure Policy tab.


Flip/Flop February Challenge - Day 1

Hey, I'm here again with another challenge... This time it is hosted by Jillian from Jilltastic Nail Design. This looked like a super fun challenge, so I couldn't let it go... :)

I asked Jillian to post a few manicures weekly, because it was really hard for me to complete the 31 day challenge. She is such a nice lady, and she said yes...So I guess I'll be posting every other day and keep up with this challenge...

Anyway, this challenge is called Flip/Flop February Challenge and you have to pick one of the two "missions" each time... Hmm, maybe on some days, it would be nice to use them all... :)

Anyway, for the first day, I chose gradient... Because it is my new favorite nail art technique... After stamping, of course... LOL

For this mani, I used Flormar Pretty in white, Pastel 95 and Essence Ultimate Pink... For the first time, I used a make up sponge for the gradient. I usually use a kitchen sponge, or a soft sponge like that. The make up sponge (the triangular ones) suck up more polish but give a flawless gradient, while the other sponge had a lot porous view... I addes the Flormar Glitter on top and I was ready for the first day...

Comments needed!!! How do you find this frame? I see similar things on other blogs and love it but not sure if it fits to my blog! Please comment! :)

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