Essence Superheroes TE

OK! Essence has done it again!

Yesterday an e-mail from Essence came showing the new Trend Edition called Superheroes... Wow!!!

They say that these product will be available in November 2013 and I just pray that they arrive in Turkey... We seem to get most of the new stuff so I hope these will show up as well... Otherwise, I'll have to find a mule!!! :P

Here are the new products!!!

The polishes are amazing!!! Holo, flakie, texture, thermal, duochrome, metallic!!! I personally plan to try them all, although gold is not my fisrt choice, I'll give it a try as well... I'm not that fond of duochromes but the bottle picture looks nice... But thermal, sand, flakie and holo... Bring them on... :)

Look at this amazing cosmetic bag... I have a little purse to match with this... :)

A brush to use for glitter placing...

3 effect pots!!! One holographic glitter and two flakies... I'm not that good at glitter placing and I think I'll pass these...

I can get this nail polish remover just for its color! :)

 And stickers... Honestly, if you are stamping, you don't need stickers... But my daughter will surely want the one with the stars... :)

So... November... Long time!!!!

Which ones do you think you'll end up buying?


  1. I'll buy the glitter, the duochrome and the texture. And the polish remover. If I can get my hands on them, that is :) Cool collection!

  2. Acaba buraya gelirmi ki?Süpermiş bunlar

  3. love this posh nail art from you! and all the awesome products you have listed. i love that pouch <3 keep blogging amazing stuff like this and i hope to see you blogging often.