Bundle Monster Nail Art Stamping Image Plate Set / 3rd set

Finally the BM set I ordered from Bundle Monster site has arrived... I had asked the international priority option, and it took exactly 10 days to arrive to Turkey... :)

I've been waiting for this set for so long, and I can surely say it was worth the wait... :)

The package was cute, a plastic case, with all the plates packed together... :)

All plates come with a backing, which is safe for your fingers... I don't know about previous editions, but the first and the second BM sets I ordered from Amazon were also covered... :) But I've heard horror stories of laides cutting themselves, so I try to be careful with the plates anyway... :)

Oh, and all the plates are covered with clear blue stickers to prevent scratches. Don't forget to take them off before using... I can tell that was the worst of all. I lost two nails to that. Hope there was a better way to get rid of the blue plastic. I tried tweezers but they did not work for me...

Anyway, here are plates... :)

 Aren't they the best? I loved all the images on this set.

And for those who are curious about the size of the full nail images, here's a comparison of all the plates that I own...

BM 3rd set is definetely bigger than the 1st set. It is slightly bigger than the 2nd set and Konad. And they seem to have the same width as the Cheeky 2012 set, but they are surely longer... :) Hope that helps... :)

China Glaze - Black Diamond

I had bought this polish from the Beauty Fair and forgot to use it... :) It is a shimmery black that is easy to apply. Like all China Glaze polishes, takes little time to dry and covers nicely... I have 2 coats on my nails. 

Eventhough I love black polish, I guess I won't be using this one on its own. Because, black polish raises an eyebrow in my family... :) Bu I could always stamp it with some other color... :)


BOURJOIS - Lavande Esquisse

These bottles from Bourjois cought my attention the other day. So I thought I should give them a try... :) 

I have never used Bourjois polishes before, so I won't be able to compare these but this collection is a must have...

First, let's start with the brush. It is a flat, fat and big brush, nothing like I've ever seen before... It may not be suitable for people with small nailbeds but I loved it. The brush was able to cover all my nail with one motion... :)

The formula on this is awsome also... One coat makes a visible nail line but two coats give perfect opacity... You see only one coat on my nails... (I don't know why... :)) And it dries super quick... Suppper quick... I was able to stamp on it 1 minute later... :)

By the way, I used Kleancolor metallic purple for stamping. It kind of stained my stamper at first, but then I managed to clean it. It is a super polish for stamping... :)

Anyway, I loved Bourjois, but not for everday nail art. I don't know, maybe I had my nails in water so much, but it chipped and peeled sooner than I expected. But it is always a lifesaver when you have no time to wait for your polish to dry... :)


ORLY - Rock It

Oh my God!!! I've been dreaming about this polish since I saw the promotional pictures but unfortunately, this collection never made it to Turkey. Thanks to my friend DBMS Cosmetics, I was able to get 3 polishes from this collection. 

Ladies, as most of you already know, this is ORLY Rock It, from the Mineral FX Collection!!!! It is a magneta-brugundy color with golden glass flecks. The application is perrrfect. I couldn't help but stare my nails all day long... :)

Çok uzun zamandır bu ojenin hayalini kuruyordum. Ne yazık ki, Mineral FX kolleksioynu Türkiye'ye gelmedi. Ama sevgili Derya, yani DBMS Kozmetik sağolsun, benim için bu ojenin 3 rengini getirdi... Aslında benim istediğim Kleancolor'ları ve Zoya'ları ve OPI'leri de getirdi ama daha onların resmini çekip koyamadım. Hepsi sıra ile... :) ,Sürmeye kıyamıyorum, hepsi o kadar güzeller ki... 
Gelelim ojeye, pembe-mor-bordo arası, içinde altın rengi cam kırığı efekti olan harika bir oje bu. Sürümü çok güzel, kuruması hızlı, çıkartırken problem yok. Ay çok mutluyum, tırnaklarıma bakmaktan kendimi alamıyorum!!!!


I'm at Polish All The Nails today... :)


Today I'll be guest posting for the lovely Laura from Polish All The Nails.... You can check out my post here...

Sally Hansen - Red Zin

I love Sally Hansen polish. I really do... Look at this one, for example, Red Zin... It is the perfect wine color for me. Not too dark, not too red, just perfect. Right?


Flormar 413

I was in search of a good brown polish. And this Flormar 413 is a stage of this search. It is a nice latte color, but not as brown as I wanted. Still, looks nice with Golden Rose Nail Art in Gold stamped on it... 

What do you think? Do you have any recommendations about nice brown shades?


Sinful Colors - Cindrella

The pictures are old actually. I've had this polish since the begining of Spring, thanks to Kimberly. :) This is my one and only Sinful Colors polish. The name Cindrella suits the color so much. It is a baby blue color with pink shimmer in it. Easy to apply, I have 2 coats on, but I guess 3 would have been better. I don't know, maybe it would be better to layer it one some other baby blue polish... You know, so this one does not finish... :)

Cute, isn't it?


A-England - Saint George

Please take a moment to sit back and adore this polish!

I think I'm in love with all A-England polishes, but this one is different! I've never worn a polish that matches my skin tone like Saint George. It is a very staurated teal with holographic shimmer, for those who don't know it yet... :) A very rich and dark teal! I have olive skin, so I never would have thought
teal or green colors would suit me, but this one does.

The application is like a dream, just like the rest of the Legends Collection... One coat would surely be enough, because this polish is insanely pigmented!

One thing about A-England polishes! I love them so much that I cannot use them! I'm afraid that they'll finish! So they sit in my polish drawer and I take them out and admire them and put them back again... Do I need psychological treatment? Absolutely!!! :)

I'll leave you alone with the pictures... :)


My First Zoya - Zoya Anja

Unfortunately, they don't sell Zoyas here in Turkey. What a shame... :( But I got my first Zoya from The Crumpet!!! It was part of our swap. Thank you Debbie, I really loved it... :)

Anyway, Zoya describes this polish as a rich, deep vampy red-toned wine purple with a glossy creme. Which is absolutely true! 

My first impression is; it has ha lovely creamy texture, unlike any other polish I have ever tried. Applies like butter, literally... :) I have two coats on, and it dried in a short time.

Oh, I wish I had more Zoyas... :)


A England - Avalon

Here's another polish from the A-England collection. You know I am crazzzzyyyy about purple polish and this particular little baby has all I need in a purple polish!!!!! It is a very deep blue-purple with iridescent shimmer. It is perfect!!!! 

I'll leave you alone with the pictures!!!!!


Flormar Jewel Gold Collection Review - Part 2

Today I will be swatching the rest of the Flormar Jewel Collection...

This is JG450, a gold undertoned polish, with tiny gold shimmer... Like the rest of the collection, highly pigmented and opaque in a thick coat.




And finally, this is JG451, the sheerest of all. It has a pearly color, also with tiny shimmer...




Here are all the colors swatched togather. My favorites are 453 and 452. But I guess 450 will look cool on my toes after I get a tan... :)

Left to right : JG453 - JG452 - JG451 - JG450

Left to right : JG453 - JG452 - JG451 - JG450