MASH 2012 Plates

I had ordered my MASH plates on August 14th, on the same day as my Cheeky Summer Collection plates. Well, to my surprise, Cheeky plates came just on time, but nothing from MASH.

I wrote several e-mails to the customer service, certain that my package was lost. I was told to wait 61 bussiness days before asking for a re-shipment.

Let me tell you, it was the longest wait of my life...

Anyway, I waited for 61 bussiness days and contacted the company again. But this time, I did not get any replies to my e-mails. Just when I was starting to get pissed of, the postman came. Guess what he brought!!! My MASH plates, posted on the 16th of August.

Tell me about Turtle Expres!!!!

Anyway, they are here now... But still, no word from the company... :(


Essence Breaking Dawn Part 2 Collection!!!

Finally, a week after the movie hit the cinemas, Essence Breaking Dawn part 2 Collection is in the stores...

I was one of the few who got the whole collection I guess, because every store I went to, they were already sold out...  However, the two of the polishes were already under my possession, thanks to my swap with Marianne, so I did not bother getting them... :)

Anyway, I'll be swatching the polishes soon, but I should tell that the blush is perfect! I use it every day. It gives you a healty glow if you use it just a little bit. The lipsticks are really shiny and smells perfect. The eyeshadow pigments are way too cool... However, the eyeliners are not what I expected them to be... I plan to give them a second chance though... And the shimmer powder, well, not so shimmery but works fine on the brows etc..

I didn't get the yellowish lipstick, because I didn't think I'd use it... :)


Kleancolor - Holo Chrome

First things first, Kleancolors stink! Literally! They stink soooo bad, that you have to leave a window open while appyling. But this doesn't change the fact that they make crazy beautiful polishes... So, you have got to the take the bitter with the sweet...

Kleancolor Holo Chrome is a purple / blurple jelly packed with tons of fine holographic glitter. It could easily be layered, but I used two coats with a basecoat. I loved the way it sparkled. I couldn't take my eyes off my fingers all day long...

This baby was a part of our swap with Krystan, so I should thank her again... :)

Anyway, I stamped it with Konad Special Black and BM305...


Depend Holographic - Ocean Green

Taking advantage of sunny days, I decided to put on another Depend, this one a Holographic... It is called Ocean Green and I have two coats on, after a base coat.

It was part of our swap with Marianne from Rainbowify Me, way back in the summer. I had worn this color and its sisters during my summer holiday, but I hadn't taken any pictures... The sun, sand and holographics really make a nice mixture... :)



With flash
 I stamped it with BM211 and Konad Special Black and topped it all with SV.
Light box w/flash


Help Needed...

Totally not polish related, but it would mean a lot if you support me in this photo contest...

You just have to click the link below and like the picture...It's a picture of my daughter picking cherries from our tree...

Thank you... :)


NYC - Big City Dazzle

I had swatches NYC Fashion Ave Fuschia earlier. I was really pleased with the formula, the drying time and the color... So I asked for Big City Dazzle for our swap from lovely Krystan...

Anyway, I put on two coats of NYC Fashion Ave Fuschia over Seche Plus base coat. As I mentioned before, the drying time was really short.

And then I put on a coat of Big City Dazzle. The glitter looked so dense in the bottle, I expected the first coat to be that dense. But first coat was really thin. So I did a second coat... Thank God that the drying time was short. Because the second coat did not meet my expectations, so I went ahead and did a third coat... :)

It looked shiny and pretty, but I think I should try it over another color, again... :)


Nail Mail from USA

Wow, this post has been sitting in my drafts folder for a long time and I never noticed... Shame on you Blogger!!!

Here's another swap package I got from the lovely Krystan. She was nice enough to get me these shiny babies and I sent her the whole Essence Snow White LE collection... :)

Here's what she got me...

Jordana Glitters LA City Lights, NYC Big City Dazzle, Orly Fowl Play Mini, Nail Tek II. It will be my first Jordana to try... Look at the shine of the three polishes... Wow!

And the mighty Kleancolors I've been lemming for so long....
Chunky Holo Black (finally mine!), Black Out, BLue Eyed Girl and Holo Chrome... LOL!!!

Thank you again Krystan. I hope you enjoy your polishes, too...


GOSH Holographic Hero

I had promised to Marianne from Rainbowify Me that when I got my swap package, I would swatch the Gosh Holographic Hero first...

Here is the awsome bottle... The holographic effect is clearly seen on the bottle. (well, maybe not in this picture)

First impression; this polish is well pigmented. I thought of using it over a layer of silver first, but when I saw on a false nail that the polish has a nice coverage, I gave up. I had Seche Plus base coat and the fisrt coat of Gosh went smooth, just a few bald spots.

Oh my God! This polish dries fast! Real fast! Like when I finished the first coat, it was already dry! I didn't have to wait at all...

Anyway, I started putting on the second coat. But I don't know if it was the formula or the base coat I used, but there remained some bald spots... :( Well, no big deal, the polish was holo enough... :) Look at that shine!!!!

It was a sunny day in Istanbul, so I did what I had to do... Use sunglasess!!! LOL... Stamped with Essence Black is Back with the Cheeky CH37...


Early Christmas - a.k.a Nail Mail :)

It was our third swap with the lovely Marianne from Rainbowify Me... We were waiting for our packages to arrive... It had been only 6 days, so I was not expecting anything yet...

And then, the doorbell rang... It was our lovey postman, carrying a big bubble envelope... Totally made my day! I ripped open the envelope... And came the goodies... Suddenly, it was Christmas in November... LOL... Sweet November...

I ripped the bubble wrap one by one... They were so neatly packed... And, sorry, I wasn't thinking straight at that time, so I didn't take any photos of the process... With every bubble wrap opened, there was a long sigh...

Long story short, thank you Marianne... It was a pleasure swapping with you again. Cannot wait for the next time. I hope you like your babies, too....

Here's what I got!!!

Let's start with the candy and the duck shaped pretty lipgloss that I never had a chance to try, because some little witch took it from me... :) I got to keep the face mask and the parfume though...

I had mentioned how I loved Catrice polishes. So this time, we decided I get more of those... Here are Steel My Heart, London's Weather Forecast, George Blueney... (I loved the name... )

With more Catrice; Oh My Goldness, Cooper Cabana and Gold Leaf Top Coat LE... I was really excited about this one but this is mostly gold hexagonal glitter. But I still love it, because they say it looks like Million Dollar Baby, which I don't have. So, that's a win... :)

From the Essence Twilight Collection, A Piece of Forever and Edward's Love... I also laid my eyes on Alice Had a Vision Again... Maybe next time... :)

The Peel Off Base Coat from Essence, was one thing I wanted to try. And also Better Than Gel Nails TopCoat...

Here's the star of the show, Gosh Holographic Hero!!!

And last but not least, Barry M Copper and Essence Holo Topping Please...

So, what do you say? Isn't it Christmas already????


Pastel 107

Let me show you the newest collestion from Pastel...

They are mostly similar colors, pink, nude, brown and cafe au lait... :) But today I'll be showing you my favorite from the collection, 107...

It is a deep brown with tiny gold shimmer. Opaque in two coats, it is a lovely creme... I loved this brown, because it doesn't look reddish like most of the browns I own... :)

Anyway, I'm having a lovely relationship with this polish... :) I stamped it with my new love Essie Good as Gold...

With Flash


November 8 for No H8

Bullying is not funny. It is not cool. It is not right. And more importantly, it is not okay.

Most of us are, thankfully, residents of countries that support tolerance and many of our families have settled in these places simply for that reason. Generations later, it is our responsibility to perpetuate that message of tolerance across our new social platforms, including the internet.

As members of the nail polish blogging community, we all share a love of beauty, color, and lacquer. Other than that, we are remarkably different: from our race to our religion to our hair color...even to our polish application techniques. To marginalize anyone because of those differences is completely unacceptable and today I take a stand against that. I refuse to allow other people's view of "normal" dictate how I behave, believe, and blog.

In solidarity with a multitude of bloggers linked below, my purple manicure represents my proud commitment to the No H8 movement. Today, November 8, I dedicate my post to ending bullying of any kind and to encouraging diversity and imperfection among our colorful community.


Essence Snow White Collection - 07 Bashful

I am happy to report that I have found the perfect stamping gold polish.

Enter Essie Good as Gold!

Literally, it is good as gold. It is the best stamping gold I've ever seen. HOWEVER; it is hard to find in Turkey... Sigh... So this means, I should use it bit by bit, little by little, only on accent nails.... LOL...

Anyway, onto todays mani...

I have bought the Essence Snow White Collection long ago but still they remain on my untrieds list. So I thought today might be a good day to use one. I picked #7 Bashful... It is a "christmas tree" green with tiny gold shimmer. Lovely color. :)

And for stamping, I used Essie Good as Gold with my Bundle Monster BM223 plate... :)


Blogger Drama???

There has always been some drama in the nail polish community. I always try to stay away from these kinds of acts. I'm just a regular nail polish loving girl who likes to share. I am no expert. I am not a nail-tech. I sometimes mess up my manis and mostly (no matter how hard I try) I cannot achieve a proper clean-up.

Most of all, I buy all my nail polish. I am not sponsored by any companies and I don't get any freebies.

Anyway, under these circumstances, I think it is a little overboard to say "Clean up or die".

That's all... :)


Cheeky Jumbo Plates

I recently ordered Cheeky Jumbo Plates A and B from Amazon.com, when I heard that they were on a huge sale. They arrived yesterday, even before the estimated delivery date... Wow, thank you Cheeky... (You should note that I live in Turkey)

As a person who owns the Vibrant and Summer Collection sets from Cheeky, I must say that the plate quality is the same. Detailed images and so far I've not seen a defective plate. I only had one plate from the Vibrant Collection that had a dent on it, but it did not effect the stamping, so we're good. 

These Jumbo Plates come with a blue protective film and pink plastic backing, which I think is way too cute... :)

The images are highly detailed. They are big in size, so they could easily fit big nailbeds or long nails, 2cm long and 1.5cm wide, to be exact, just like the Summer Collection. 

Sorry for the poor clean-up... :)

Anyway, here's the first image I used from the B plate. You'll be seeing a lot more Cheeky in my manis, because I ordered C and D plates, too... :)

2 Coats of HITS MariMoon Daring over 1 coat of Golden Rose Black, stamped with Cheeky Jumbo Plates B using Essie Good as Gold.