Like mother like daughter...

My daughter, who is 8, has started her own blog...

And her first post is nail polish related!!!

Using my polish of course... LOL

Anyway, it will a blog of all the things she likes... And it will be in Turkish, but there is a translation button... :)

She wanted to write in English, but I told her that the world may not be ready for that... :)

You can visit her here and give her some inspiration... She'd really appreciate it...


Huge Flormar Haul!!!

Seriously, Flormar!!! 3 Collections!!! At the same time!!! Do you prefer if I just hand you the wallet??? LOL

Well, after the Light Summer polishes, I haven't visited the Flormar shop... But today, I saw theese...

Super Neon Mattes

And theese...


And theese...

Wet Look Polishes

Wet Look Polishes

And bought them all!!!!

Here are super fast swatches for you!

I'm going to start with Neon Mattes... The Matte collection was old news... But neon mattes!!! Holly!!! They are incredible... The ones I bought are from left to right; M09, M13, M16, M18 and M19!!!

The swatches are two coats, without a base coat. I did not use a white underneath, but I'll try them with white next time... Oh, and the formula is awsome, super fast drying and flawless aplication...

And just because I'm curious, I added a supershiny topcoat... Hmmm, I think I like this better... :)

with topcoat

with topcoat
Pretty cool, huh?

Let's move on with the glitter... These are; from left to right;
- GL02 : pink hex glitter with holographic small glitter in a clear base
- GL03 : Magneta hex glitter and small glitter in a clear base
- GL09 : pink, purple and blue hex glitter with small purple glitter in a clear base
- GL10 : Black based holographic glitter

Again, all swatches are 2 coats. The glitter needed some dabbing and placing on the nail, but nothing unmanageable... The black holographic is my favorite, do I have to say it? The other glitters were picked by my daughter and I think I'll just give them to her... :)

And finally; we have the Wet Look Collection!!! I bought nearly all of the colors, minus 2. Those two were red and orange, colors I don't prefer a lot. So....

From left to right :

- WL01 : pale blue
- WL02 : mint green
- WL03 : light grey
- WL04 : Lilac
- WL05 : Pinkkkkk
- WL08 : Green
- WL09 : Plum
- WL10 : Dark blue

The brush has changed in this collection, too. Instead of the classic Flormar brush which is thin, this collection comes with a fat, thick, flat brush... :)

The swatches are all two coats, without a base and a top coat... The formula is really wasy to manage and dries in a short time. It says wet look, but it has a gel shine... Pretty much similar to BarryM gellies. But I have to make a comparison before I decide... LOL

I loved the grey and the pink one especially!!!

So, what do you think? Are they worth the money???


Essence Floral Grunge - Madly Purpled

Finally a new collection from Essence showed up in stores in Turkey... Floral Grunge...

Well, the collection has nice eye shadows as usual but nothing special in the polish area...

There were 5 polishes in this trend edition and I picked only 3 of them... And I got the lip blams for my daughter, and she went crazy. But let's be honest here, who wears lilac or mint green lipgloss??? Com'on Essence!!!!

Anyway, today I'm wearing Madly Purpled from this collection. It is the matte polish of the gang with a dusty lilac color... If you look closely, in the bottle you may see the hidden shimmer... :)

First coat was really sheer... However it dried real quick and things got better at second coat. I dried matte, totally matte and the shimmer was not really visible...

I did not like how it looked so I tried it with a shiny topcoat... I used a coat of Rimmel 3D Plumping Top Coat and it made a huge difference... Suddenly the shimmer was visible and the nails were not dull anymore... :) Will I wear it again? Well, I have to stamp over it or layer it with glitter, but I think I will...

What do you think?


Follow me with Bloglovin'

You should know by now that Google Reader will shut down on July, 1st...

I was following all my blogs with Google Reader, so I was a little dissapointed at first....

Then I found Bloglovin'.... It is a really userfriendly blog reader which I loveeeedddd because I was able to read my blogs on their own pages... This was really helpful, because I was able to comment on my favorite posts...

Anyway, you should start following me with Bloglovin'... It only takes a few seconds, come on... I'm waiting... :)

Click here to go to my Bloglovin' page and choose follow... :)

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June Swap Package from USA...

This month, my swap sister was from USA, Michele... She was extremely generous and she sent the lovliest package ever, with goodies both for me and my daughter....

I'll leave you with picures, and I'll go play with them... LOL

My all time lemming, Finger Paints Flakies... Asylum and Flecked... I'm dying to try these!!!!

Another lemming killed... Zoya Pixie Dust Liberty and Stevie... Zoya Monica and Wet'n'Wild Spoiled Check into Rehab.... (what a nice name for a polish... Hmmm, Michele, are you suggesting something? LOL)

10 wheels of Cheeky Fimos!!! Wow!!! Apparently, Cheeky made a mistake and sent these wheels instead of nail plates... What a great mistake!!! They say that the plate is on the way and we got to keep the wheels... :)

A gorgeous plate!!! I loved the heart/lips...

A stationary set for a stationary freak like me!!!! Yay!!!!

Yummy caramel choclate!!!!

Hand cream and lip balm!!! 

 Another product I wanted to try... Silk wraps... To mend my broken poor nails... :(

And a special package for my daughter... Hello Kitty notebook, pens, a bracelet, lollipops and a Selena Gomez nail polish... NOPI Selena Gomez Collection Sweet Dreams.... 

Oh, we shared the custody of the NOPI in exchange for two pencils from my stationary set... :) 

Isn't this a great package or what!!! Thank you a thousand times Michele, for everything.... :)


Nail Mail from Netherlands!!!

Last week, we arranged a swap with the lovely Silke from Netherlands... She asked for a few Catherine Arley's from me and I asked for the P2 Sand Style polishes... Well, no surprises here, I'm totally in love with the Sand Style polish trend... :)

Anyway, her package arrived a few days ago... :)

Look at the cute box!!! It is soooo spring!!!! I loved it!!!

Here's what I got....

My first P2 polishes... From left to right : 010 Adorable, 020 Lovesome, 030 Seductive, 040 Illegal, 050 Confidential and 060 Strict... Don't they look pretty? I loved the names, as well!!!

 Here are the new Essence Special Effect Toppers Glitter on me and Cool Breeze... And Sinful Colors I love you.... :) Yay!!!!

Oh, and the yummy wafels!!!! We have some different brands here in Turkey, but this one is really wonderful!!!!

And a lovely card from Silke!!!! Thanks again, Silke, I really loved each one of them!!!! :)


Born Pretty Store Plates - RuiZ03

I received a stamping plate from Born Pretty Store last week to review... It is one of the new plates named RuiZ03... It has got Mickey Mouse and Minnie designs on it.

This is not a round plate, is is a square. It doesn't have a backing, so you have to be careful with sharp edges. It comes with the classic blue protective film.

Sorry for the fingerprints.... :P

I swatched the designs on paper first... They all stamped perfectly! Look at how wonderful the images are...

And I did some nail art with it... I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear polishes as base and stamped with Konad Special Black and White...

Awkward hand pose to show you the thumb!!!! :)
Overall, I'm totally pleased with this plate and the quality of the images... As someone who loves Mickey, this plate will surely be used many times... And for $2,99 you just can't go wrong...

Oh, and don't forget, BornPrettyStore has international free shipping and also a 10% discount for my readers when you use the code HLL91 at checkout!!!!


The first time I tried 2-colored stamping... :)

Here's a fact! These photos are taken on the second day...

Here's another fact! I've done two colored stamping for the first time, so please be gentle...

Well, since my Pueen plates came, I've been living a nightmare... About which plate to use first, of course! Anyway, I decided to match my nails with my outfit, so first I painted my nails with 2 coats of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls....

Then I picked the floral design from Pueen 25... While thinking which color to stamp with, an idea came... And I tried stamping with two colors that matched my shirt!!!!

I used Konad Blue and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Cherry Red for stamping. And then I used 2 coats of Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 119 on my accent nail...

I loved how this one turned out and I got many compliments... I just wish I had photographed them a day early, without the chipping... :(


PASTEL - Magic Sand Polishes

I knew it! I just knew!!!

I knew that the liquid sand polishes were going to be a hit!!!! I first tried OPI, then Zoya, then Golden Rose, then Kiko... And I loved each one of them!!!

And now, Pastel has a new sand style polish line called Magic Sand!!!!

Personally, I believe this trend is going to last for a long time! Nothing like crackle... Nothing like magnetics... And nothing like bar glitter... Iyyyk, hairy nails... :(

Annnyyyyway, I was just looking around today and I saw these babies... I guess there are about 7 colors available... White, Pale Pink, Vivid Pink, Blue, Peachy Orange, Lilac and Golden... Well, these are not the official names ofcourse... I made them up... :)

Since I had pink and blue sand polishes (and since they are a little pricey, about 7,5TL) I bought the white, lilac and gold...

Here, I made some quick swatches...

First the white, 720...

I got this one with high hopes, but this one is my least favorite... It is a creamy sand style polish, opaque in almost two coats, but I guess that's the main problem with white polish. You always get streaks... So I did a second coat... Drying time is average. Feels gritty, but not too much. It is plain white, no glitter... Dries to a matte finish...

Second favorite is the lilac, 725... Again, 2 coats of easy application. Average drying time. No glitters. But a lovely lilac... Dries matte... Loved it. It would look perfect stamped...

without flash

And the one I liked most... The gold one, 722... It is a cold golden color. I don't own OPI Honey Ryder but I think it looks like this one. It is not a warm gold like Zoya Solange, which is nice, because I have Solange and I don't want the same polish... LOL
Again, 2 coats, average drying time, dires matte and surprise!!! This one has small silver glitter... It really looks lovely!!!!

with flash

Overall, I loved this collection... I guess I'll go and buy the rest tomorrow.... :)

Pueen Plates - Set 2 - Love Elements

I'm back with more Pueen plates!!!

This is the second set called "Love Elements" and mostly has heart and lace designs... :)

They also come in their own leather carrying case, which is a plus for me...

And they have blue plastic on the front and backings to save your fingers... (that I forgot to photograph...)

The stamping quality is again perfect for such delicate images. The full size images are bigger than the first set and they don't have the french curve. Which is nice for ladies with longer nails... For me, well, I never succeed in stamping the french designs anyway... :)

The images on the plates are looovvveeeely!!!! Perfect for Valentine's Day or any other heartwarming occasion, or any ordinary day, if you're like me and like to wear hearts on your nails.

Here are the images...

Finally, if Pueen decides to make more plates, I'll surely buy them, eyes closed...