Rainy Istanbul Weather and Vivid Lacquer VL10 plate

Finally fall is here... We really had a hot summer in Istanbul and September was no exception. Bu October finally brought some rain and cold weather... I personally love fall... I love having to wear a cardigan when you go out... I love the fact that sweating is over... I love the falling leaves and gray skies... I love rain (as long as I'm properly dressed)... :)

Anyway, when I saw this view from my window today, I knew a gray mani was on the way... :)

I love a good chevron mani and if you remember, I had some troubles with tape chevrons. So back in July, when I saw that Vivid Lacquer had this plate (VL 10) on its Etsy shop, I immediately preordered it.

It was a really long wait! But it was totally worth it! It was nearly mid-Spetember when my package arrived...

My plate came in this elegant box...

As usual, the front had the blue film to protect the plate from scratches and it had a lovely backing...

 Do not forget to peel the blue film before using the plate!!!!

Here's the cloeup shot of the plate... Chevrons!!!! YES!!!!

Honestly, I bought this plate only for the Chevron designs... But argyle and leopards look awsome as well... And the top two designs, well I can see some gradient stamping with these... :)

I made a quick stamping test and the quality is beyond good!!! The images are 2cm by 2cm and the big image on the top is 4cm by 2cm...

Now I'm thinking of buying other plates from her, because there are really some cool designs!!!!

Ok, back to gray wether...

Looking through my stash, I realised that I had never used Catrice London's Weather Forecast... It is a dark gray polish with hidden gray and blue shimmer in it... The formula is thick and pigmented but totally self-leveling and easy to work with...

I stamped the chevron with Konad Special Black, as you can see from the clean up... Oh, why is this polish so hard to clean!!! I've been extremely carefull but I can still see some shadows from clean-up... :(

I placed small rhinestones from my BornPretty Wheel and topped them all with Seche... Please ignore the little smudge Seche did on my stamping...

Here you can see some shimmer with this flash photo... :)

I think I will be using some more gray polish this year... I really liked how it looked... :)

What do you think?


  1. I think it looks fantastic! I knew you'd do a chevron when I saw the plate :)

  2. So pretty!! I have sworn off Konad black. I am darker skinned than you and it still leaves me messes. Ugggg...

    1. Yet it is the best black stamping polish... Oh the dilemma.... :)

  3. Awesome plate with many useful patterns :D

    1. It really is!!! I'm thinking of buying other Vivid plates as well ;)

  4. I have gotten to the point with that stamping polish that I will paint around my nail with white glue and let dry before I stamp to avoid some of the mess. I love that stamping plate, Vivid has some great ones.

    1. It sounds extra work, but I'll defiently give it a try ;)