PASTEL Candy Color Collection for Spring 2013

Pastel is a Turkish brand that I really, really love! They make gorgeous cremes a-la-Essie and they always come with lovely colors. Fomula wise, I've never been let down by Pastel. 2 easy coats is all it takes...

When I saw the promotional pictures of the new Spring 2013 Collection, I knew I had to get them! So I went a little hunting... Luckily, where I live, it is not too hard to get your paws on nail polish, so I found them at the first store I visited...

Anyway, here is the collection!!!!

There are 6 new shades that totally remind you of marshmallows... They are numbered 140,141,142,143,144 and 145... (Yes, in Turkey we have numbered polish! Why don't they give names, I don't know. Names would be funny and easy to remember...)

Here are they all lined up...

From left to right : 140, 141, 142, 143, 144 and 145

Let's start with 140... It is a mint green but it has a lively hue... Oh, God, I really suck at describing colors!!! This is a green as you see it! My skin tone may be awkward in the pictures because these babies needed a lot of color correction. But I assure you, the colors are pretty much accurate!!!

141 is a peachy orange. It is such a soft color... Again, what you see.. :)

142 looks a pale lilac to me. It has a hint of blue, but not very much!

143 is a sunny yellow. Grrr, I hate yellow polish! It doesn't go with my skin tone! Never! Formulawise, this one was the most streakiest one. I don't know, maybe it hated me. Hey, but all yellow polish hate me!

144 is a baby pink, really pale and sweet. Like a cotton candy... If we were to name this one, I'd defiently name it cotton candy... :)

Last but not least, 145, the one that gave me the hard time! This polish is sooo cute but it is sooo hard to capture with the camera. Even with color correction, it still isn't the best picture. It is a very soft teal. Sometimes you can call it green, sometimes blue, depends on what you put this baby next to..

See, even I can tell the colors!!! LOL

If you're still reading, (despite my horrible review) thank you and I'm sorry!!!! LOL

But you should know that this is a great collection and the colors are loveeeelyyyyy! 

See Flormar, these are the shades we want to wear.... But this is another post's subject!  LOL


April Swap Package from USA

Today my April swap package arrived from the lovely Kellee... I've told you before about my monthly swap group and she's my April match up... :)

She was such a generous and lovely lady, she sent me 3 of my lemmings!!! A England Jane Eyre, Essie Beyond Cozy and Sinful Colors Hottie!!!!

And the choclate, oh the choclate!!!

I'm soooo lucky to have friends like that!!!


RETO 2013 - Week 12 - Inspired by make up

We are on the last day of RETO 2013... I feel kind of sad when I'm about to finish a challenge... And this one was fun to participate with really fun themes...

Anyway, for the last week, we are inspired by make up. I'm not that talented in the make up area. I usually wear some blush and black eye pencil. Most of the time I don't wear lipstick! But I always wear my polish!!!! So, I decided to make a nail polish mani, which gave me an excuse to use my Cheeky CH40 plate... :)

For my base color I used Flormar Neon pink and I stamped my images with Konad Special Black and CH40 plate...

What a great mani for a nailart lover!!! :)

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RETO 2013 - Week 11 - Inspired by a cartoon

Well, we are getting to the end of RETO 2013 and this weeks theme is cartoons... As always, I am late!!!

After seing all the beutiful manis my fellow bloggers did, I decided to go with my favorite chilhood cartoon, Smurfs... Confession; I still watch it when it is on TV and still mumble the theme song!!!

Anyway, for this mani, I used one coat of Flormar 430, a highly pigmented blue... I like the color sooo much and I'm thinking of buying a new bottle... :)

For stamping, I used my FUN1 plate with Konad Special Black. Then taking my Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White polish and my Born Pretty Store brush (the smallest one), I filled in the Smurf's hat and pants. Then with the tiniest dotting tool, I made some polka dots on the remaining nails...

Wow, that was hard work, I'm telling you... It was the first time I'm filling out an image and it is soooo tiny, and my hands were shaking... So please be gentle... LOL

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Zoya - Storm

I guess this is one of the few polish that is self-explanatory! When you hear Zoya Storm, you just know what is going to happen. Well, most likely this is because this polish is from the Holiday collection and it has been swatched a million times... :) But it still doesn't fail! It is a gorgeous polish to wear all year long!

Storm has full coverage in two coats, three if tou make thin coats. It has millions of holographic micro glitter that shines like crazy!!!

Anyway, I'll leave you with the pictures... BTW, this is 2 coats of Storm...


RETO 2013 - Week 10 - Inspired by your immagination

My immagination is bigger than my nails!!!! Literally!

For this weeks RETO Challenge, I decided to make a unicorn mani using my Nailz Craze NC02 plate... For my base, I used 17 holographic polish. And then I stamped my designs using Konad Special Black, which is a mess at clean up but still, the best stamping polish ever... :)

Anyway, for my accent nail, I wanted to place the unicorn, but the image was bigger than my trying-to-grow nubbins, so my poor animal lost its horn!!! It looks like a regular horse now! :) Or, the Ferrari logo... LOL!!!

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ORLY - Rock Solid

Here's a quick mani I did before leaving the house... This is 2 coats of ORLY Rock Solid... Gorgeous! I'll try to stamp on it another day but it looks awsome alone, too...


RETO 2013 - Week 9 - Inspired by water

I know, I know, I'm late!!! But I have my excuses!!! This week was a hectic one with all the housework that needed to be done and homeworks needed to be made (for my daughter of course)... And I hardly had time to wear polish! I know, shocking!!!

Anyway, this week for Reto 2013 Challenge we are making a mani inspired by water... When the theme is water, it is inevitable to use blue as a base color...

So I used two coats of A-England Order of the Garter, a gorgeous blue with glass flecks... On top of that, I used a coat of China Glaze Bling it on from the Glitz and Blitz collection. I am no fan of bar glitter but this time, this polish made my mani look like deep underwater, so I don't hate it that much today... :)

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Born Pretty Store 15 pcs. Nail Art Brush Set

Hi everyone,

With spring coming fast, I decided to make a lively mani for today. And I chose to use my new Born Pretty Store 15pc Nail Art Design Brush Set that was sent to me to review.

First, let's have a look at the set, shall we...

The set comes is a plastic bag like this. All brushes are in plastic cases, which makes them easier to store and this way, the bristles last longer... There are 15 different kinds of brushes in this set, which I believe can satisfy one's needs... :)

You can use these brushes both for acrylic paint and nail polish. I've never tried acrylic paint before but from what I understand, it is easier to make designs with it...

Anyway, wWhen we open the bag, this is what we see...

 Opps, one is missing!!! Where are you little guy?

 There you are Big Striper Brush! You missed the group photo! Anyway, there are 3 sizes of striper brushes in this set.

 Two fan brushes... Oh, I want to try them! I see so many beautiful manis done with them...

 These must be the one-stroke brushes... Sorry guys, you'll have to sit for a while. I'm not "that" good at onestroke... :(

 This little slim guy is handy for delicate work! And it also has a shorter handle for more control!

And also, this one makes miracles... In fact, I used this one for my mani... The way it is bent gives you more control and you can work little details easier!

The tiniest dotting tool I've seen... I used this in my mani today. However I was generous with the polish, in order to make big dots... :)

Various sizes of painting brushes...

And here's today's mani done with some of these tools... :)

 I used Avon First Time Teal, Zoya Ziv, OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls and Flormar Black Matte for this mani.

On my ring finger, I painted 2 coats of Avon First Time Teal and added Zoya Ziv dots with my new dotting tool.

On the ring finger I only have 2 coats of Zoya Ziv.

On the middle finger, I have 2 coats of Zoya Ziv. I made this design with striping tape and painted with Avon... I love this design... It was inspired by The Nailsaurus.

On the pointer finger, I have 2 coats of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls and over that, I made the leopard design using my new brushes.

My thumb, which is not seen here, has only 2 coats of Avon.

So, do you like it??? I think with these brushes, my freehand skills will just get better... :)

Oveall, I am pleased with this product. For $5.96 you cannot get wrong. The only downside, some of the brushes' heads can easily be removed from their handles while using, but this is nothing some superglue can't fix.

If you want to buy this set, you can use the 10% off coupon I have for my readers. Remeber, Born Pretty Store has international free shipping, too...

* These products were sent to me for my honest review. The opinions are 100% mine. Please refer to my Disclosure Policy for further info.