Flormar Passionate Dots - Part 1

OK, so I was getting a little worried about Flormar... It has been over a month and they still haven't released a new collection... LOL

Thank God they proved me wrong and came with my favorite polish line ever... Textures!!!!

They are called Passionate Dots... When I first read about them, I thought they were some kind of glitter. But seeing them at the store, I realised they were textures... There were 6 of them but I bought only 5. I skipped the orange one, 'cause you know, I'm not that fond of orange... :)

Anyway, here are they... Togehter...

From left to right, they are PD02, PD03, PD04, PD05 and PD06...

I MAY have taken a lot of photos during the swatching project, so I'll split this post into 3 parts...

Here are today's beauties....

This is PD04, an electric blue... You are seeing two coats here. It has a runny formula and two coats is needed for full opacity. It dries to a gritty finish, but not totally disturbing, infact it is less gritty than any other textured polish I own. I may say this for all the polishes in this collection.

This collection doesn't have any glitters but you may see a very fine shimmer in the bottle. Those shimmer is invisible in the shade, however when the sun hits, it gives your nails a nice shine...

PD02 is a dark red texture with that micro shimmer... It also has a runny formula, however drying time was not very long. Again I have 2 coats...

Tomorrow I'll be back with the rest of the collection... :)


  1. kırmızı olanı sevdim. koyu ve ışıltılı olması güzel olmuş. alınası. ama diğer markaların yanında biraz sıradan kalmışlar bence.

  2. Evet, Zoya ya da Opi kadar iddialı değiller, ama yine de kötü değil ;)

    1. ya onları geç zaten de , golden rose kadar iddialı bile değiller. :)
      tüm texture ojeler güzel zaten; ama beni sıradanlıkları ve rekabet etmemeleri gözümden düşürüyor.
      of sanki Flormar çocuğummuş gibi ne azarladım ya :D

    2. Sen de benim gibi texture'cısın anlaşılan :)

  3. The blue one is so pretty. Can't wait to see the rest of the collection. :)

    1. Yes, they are simple but pretty... :)