Bundle Monster 4 pcs Stamper and Scraper Set

I've shared the Bundle Monster 2014 Create Your Own Collection the other day and I've told you that they had a promotion back then. So I ordered the rectangle stamper set along with my plates. And today, I'll show them to you. :)

The set consists of two plastic scrapers and one white and one green stamper.

The green one is firmer, while the white one is a soft squishy kind.

The green one measures 16mm to 26mm.

The white one measures 16mm to 26mm.

I did not have to prime the stampers. I just cleaned them with my lint roller and they were ready to use.

As you can see, I did not have any problems picking up images. I think they both work fine.

The green one seems a little bigger in size, because the white one has rounded corners. But as you can see, you can pick up the whole image on both of the stampers easily.

As for the scrapers, honestly, I did not try them, because I always use an old credit card. :) ;)

Thanks for reading. :)


Bundle Monster 2014 Create Your Own Collection

The new Bundle Monster 2014 Create Your Own Set arrived months before and the pictures were waiting in my folder like ages...

Finally, I had the time to edit the pictures and share them with you.

I don't know about you, but I'm highly satisfied with the CYO concept. There are so many great designers among us and I love the images they come up with. So, if there will ever be a 2015 set, I'll buy it eyes closed.

This set consists of 20 plates that arrive in a nylon package. At that time, Bundle Monster had a promotion that included square stampers and I got them as well. But you'll be reading about them in another post. :)

The plates are regular round plates and are covered with the classic blue protective film. The backing is white plastic with BundleMonster.com written all over.

Here are the plates...

As you already know, or don't know, you can buy seperate plates from Bundlemonster.com. I did not buy the whole Holiday set, but since I was ordering the CYO set, I decided to put these two birthday themed ones in my shopping cart as well. :)

About the sizes of 2014 CYO plates...

Full images are 16mm to 14mm. They are big enough to cover my thumb easily.


My First Glitter Placement Experience

I knew this day was coming...

For a long time I was drooling over Polish All The Nails's glitter manis...

Well, she is a pro...

And I am just a beginner... Even a lower degree than a beginner.... :D

I did all 10 nails, because I am nuts. And I am both a leftie and a rightie, so it was no big deal.... It took me a little more than 90 minutes.

Honestly, it would have been much much better if I did not rush and placed the glitter carelessly...

Oh and I used my daughter's glitter pots, nothing nail art related...

But the end result was sooo breathtaking, that I'll be doing it again... Definitely!!!

I took the photos the next morning, so I have lost a few glitters on the tips.

And fyi, taking them off is a pain in the @#xf!!!

Untill next time,


Chanel Vendetta & Zoya Cosmo

I own a small number of high end polishes, and Chanel Vendetta is one of them. It was actually a gift from my father, who is well aware of my polish addiction. Would I buy this shade? Well, no, but since it is a gift, I try to enjoy it... :)

Vendetta is a very dark eggplant purple with hidden shimmer. It is really dark, most of the time, you see it as black. And the sihmmer is really well hidden, you have to be under a really bright light to see it...

But this doesn't change the fact that it has an awsome formula. Applies like butter, two coats for a creamy rich finish...

Anyway, I tried something different today. I painted my accent nail with Zoya Cosmo (love love love this one), 2 coats. For the rest of my nails, I taped the nails and stamped a design from Pueen13 with Barry M silver polish, and ended up having a chevron like pointy french.

I really tried to take nice pictures of this mani, because it looks elegant in real life, but my camera refused to cooperate with me. I guess my photo-fairies were on holiday... LOL :)


A England - Crown of Thistles

I am truely in love with A-England polishes. I have said it a million times. The formula and the colors always mesmerize me...

Crown of thistles was no exception. I wore it alone for the first time, but I will surely stamp on it in the near future...


Barry M - Crystal Glaze

Barry M Crystal Glaze was on my wishlist for some time and I finally got it from a swap, thanks to dear Suzie.

Crystal Glaze is a flakie polish in a shimmer base. Don't let the pink color fool you, it looks like pink but it is clear on your nails and does not change the color of your base polish. (well, at least for dark colors, I haven't tried it on lighter colors)

Anyway, for the base I used a dark grey Flormar creme, 2 coats. And on top it, a generous coat of Crystal Glaze. You expect the formula to be thick and gooey but it isn't. To my surprise, the formula was watery, (not in a bad way) and packed with flakies and manageable.

Oh and I liked the different colored flakies. I was able to see blue, green, purple, yellow, orange and pink...

And I will definitely use it over other colors... Any suggestions?