October Halloween Swap from USA

Halloween is right behind the corner and my Halloween swap package from the lovely Veronica arrived today, right on time! The package was bursting at the seams and when I opened it, this cute cart welcomed me... :) ^^^^

And lots of Halloween candy!!!

Well, this package was more for my daughter, so be prepared to see some cute stuff... Polishes are at the very end if you don't want to wait... :P

This Monster High Nail Polish set made my daughter jump!!!

This Eos lipbalm was for me!!!!! I love eos! Love love love!!!

And this tatoo is for my daughter as well. Well, there's two in the package, so maybe we can be tatoo sisters... LOL

Lots of extra cute foam stickers!!! I guess someone is going to make a Halloween craft tomorrow :)

More stickers... :)

More candy...

I loved this cupcake liners!!!!

 Finally we are moving to my stuff... Elegant nail stickers!!!

Here's my polish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Essie Turquoise and Caicos and In the Cab-ana and Zoya Godiva!!!!

More polish!!!
Fantasy Makers Glow in the dark polish, China Glaze Luxe and Lush, Spoiled Orange You Glad, Sinful Colors Let's talk, Nail Junkie, I miss you and Queen of Beauty!!!

Wowza!!!! Isn't this a wonderful package???? Thank you very much Veronica!!! I loved every piece of it... Now, wait for my Halloween Manicure!!!


  1. Canım ptt kargo adresi karıstırmış benimkileri yanlıslıkla sana getirmiş ;)
    Çok beğendim ama ben hepsini çok kıskandım :( RIP ojeyi merakla bekliyorum.Onu ilk sıraya al olurmu?

    1. He he, hain postacı :) RIP'yi en kısa zamanda deneyeceğim :)

  2. Wow! Good shop!

  3. I loved the monster high set!

  4. These are best for the Halloween and i am very excited to try it this year. I desperately waiting for the Halloween eve. Thanks you!