Flormar - Red Mill

Hi guys,

Today I'll be showing you a new Flormar polish. It is from the "up to 7 days shine and color" series, and the color is 020 Red Mill.

They come in a double package with the polish and the topcoat. First you apply the polish and then you topcoat it with its own topcoat, which seals the polish. Don't let the UV words fool you, this topcoat does not require an UV lamp.

Anyway, it is said to last for 7 days, but unfortunately this did not last a day on my nails. As much as I loved the red color and the formula, the top coat did not last that long and by the end of the day it started chipping. And by chipping I actually mean totally peeling from the tips, eventhough I sealed the tips.

I love the color, so I'll definitely be using this polish again, but this time with my regular top coat. Let's see what happens then.


Essie - Petal Pushers

Hi everyone!

The weather is getting warmer but we still have some chilly days. They say that this summer, it is going to be really hot. So, I'm fine with some chill. :) But still, I don't feel like wearing bright summer colors yet. Talk about mood change... LOL

Today I'll be showing you a polish I got from NYC. It is Essie Petal Pushers and it is a lovely gray and I fell for it the moment I saw it. And I thought it was from the new collection. Silly me! Why did I think of that? Because it was right in the "this season's colors" section! Apperantly, it was from Spring 2015 collection. :P Anyway, it is still a great color and I'm glad I bought it...

Let me talk about the formula a little. Well, it is highly pigmented, almost a one coater if you apply carefully. It has a thick consistency, but it is somehow manageable. The brush seemed a little on the thin side, I don't know why, but I applied it easily.

As for stamping, I used Born Pretty Store BP L 004 plate with Color Club Harp on it. The holo shine is subtle, yet totally shiny under sun.

Anyway, that's all for today.

Take care...