Happy New Year everyone!!!!

Here's the end of my reds challenge...

This is my New Year Party mani by the way and I saved the best for last!!!

Sally Hansen Red Zin is my favorite red polish of all times... I love the color, the tone, the formula, all of it...

Anyway, I decided to make it fancy today so I used my new Color Club Halo Hues Cherubic for stamping. Honestly, I did not think it would stamp properly, but I was way too wrong...

Look at this stamping!!! Awsome!!!

I've never stamped with holo before so I really loved this one!!!!

The image is from MASH-40.. :)

A little off focus to show you the shine



Here's another Avon red, this time it is Cherry Jubille. It is a darker toned red and it is a little challenging to apply, it tends to flood... :)

Anyway, on my accent nail, I used China Glaze Snow and taped a christmas tree with China Glaze Glistening Snow. I made my ornaments with Zoya Ziv and I glued a star rhinestone on top of all...

By the way, I used Pastel New Years Glitter 311 on top of the red again.... :)


Another New Years Mani and Catherine Arley Order

First I'd like to tell you that Catherine Arley websotre is open!!!! YAY!!!!

It was such a shame to have such a gorgeous polish brand in Turkey but not be able to find it domesticly...:( So finally, the guys at Catherine Arley decided to open an online store and I took advantage of it immediately... :)

You must have heard about CA holos. I did, too. So I went ordering the whole series (well, except the 2 nudes) to begin with...

They were really resonably priced and the shipment arrived the next day. :)

Here's what I got!!!

Yeah baby, all holos... :)

666 - 667 - 672 - 673

676 - 677 - 800 - 804

805 - 807

Well, I tried the red one first, #800, since it is the season for red... :)


 And with my new Gals plates being delivered, it was inevitable for me to do this mani!!!

Oh, God, I've seen this design everywhere! It is my favorite design from the Gals sets so far and I've been waiting for this day to come for a month!!!!

Here's Gals 27 with Catherine Arley 800 (2 coats), stamped with Essie Good As Gold and topped with Catherine Arley Glitter topcoat 726... Just perfect!

By the way, Gals plates are really good quality. Look at the stamping... :)



Today I'm wearing Avon Red Reveal as part of my Reds Challenge... It is the first time I'm using this red for a full time mani and I'm surprised how pigmented it is. It would be perfect for stamping...

Well, I stamped snowflakes from Konad M59 using Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On, which is my favorite stamping polish nowadays. On top of them, I used Pastel New Year Glitter 311, a clear based topcoat with shimmer... Added dots with my dotting tool...


Gals Princess and Fairy Plates

My Gals plates finally arrived!!!

Most of you already know but for those who don't know, Gals is the sister company of Cheeky... When I heard that they were coming with two set of plates, I knew I had to get them, because I'm highly satisfied with Cheeky quality... And I knew these would be the same...

Anyway, my order was from Amazon.com and arrived in 28 days exactly... Just in time for New Years... 

EDIT : Here's the Amazon link for those who would like to buy them!!!!
Gals Princess
Gals Fairy
Just a small note, international ladies like me, you have to click "2new" button under the price and get them from Cheeky. Fulfilled by Amazon choice does not send to all countries, but Cheeky does... 
Moving on to the plates...

They come in black boxes. Not as pretty as Cheeky's Vibrant or Summer collection boxes. But I will be putting them in my plates folder anyway, so the boxes are not that important...

Fairy and Princess Sets

Each box has 25 plates covered with blue plastic.


The backing of Princess plates are black and pink, while the backing of Fairy set is black and green...

Here are the images you'll get... The Princess Set is plates 1 through 25 and The Fairy Set is plates 26 through 50...

Princess Set

Princess Set

Princess Set

Princess Set
Princess Set

Fairy Set
Fairy Set

Fairy Set

Fairy Set

Fairy Set

It was impossible for me to try 50 plates so I randomly stamped a few and I can say that they stamp well. Classic Cheeky quality....

The only thing is; the full nail images seemed a little small when I first got them. When I measured them, they were 1,5 cm high and 1,3 cm wide. They look like they are the same as MASH plates but however, the halfmoon design makes them actually shorter. 

What I mean is, if you are not a halfmoon fan like me, you'll end up trying hard to make the images fit. Please note that I have large and long nailbeds... 

Other than that, I'm highly pleased with the quality and the variation of the images. Some of them look familiar but, hey, if you have 10 sets of plates, you cannot blame the company for duplicates, can you? LOL

And last but not least, here's a plate comparison I made for myself using all the plates I own. I measured each one and made this size chart for full nail images... Feel free to use it, but please give me credit if you share it or use it in your blog... :)

Weekend Haul

I splurged myself with some Christmas Shopping this weekend...

Here's what I came home with... :)

Here's PASTEL's new year glitter collection. They are; from left to right, 315, 316 and 317. If you ask me, 315 and 317 look really similar to previous year's glitter but when I made a quick bottle comparison, I saw that these babies are denser... :)

Here are the stars of my weekend... I had bought LOL from a little store for the regular CG price. I checked the store again and this time found these two babies... OT and BFF from OMG collection. OMG, indeed... :)

This one is from Bourjois 1 Seconde coll. It is called Gris Nightomic. I like having different shades from this collection because when I'm in a hurry, I just put them on, one coat is enough for coverage and the drying time is only 50 seconds... :)

I can never give up Sally Hansen polishes. I love the treatments and the colors... I just wish we had more color choices, like in the states... Anyway, Xtreme Wears just hit the Turkish stores and I've heard that some stamp really well, so I got black, white, red, yellow with backups... :) But this one on the left, Flirt, is just gorgeous. I'm thinking of wearing it alone... :) And the one on the right is Plum Luck. :)

I've found some Rimmel metallics hoping that they stamp well.
From left to right; 275 Rock Star, 408 Rock and Red, 608 Rock Republic, 780 Hard Rock and 815 Rock Royalty...

And I found Rimmel Metal Rush Collection... Yay...
From LtoR; 60 Royal Blue, 70 Gold Save The Queen, 80 Purple Reign, 90 Bronze Princess...

Here's a thing... I love nail polish brands coming up with original and funny names. But here in Turkey, our polishes are top quality, but unfortunately, polish producers lack the creativity and just give numbers to polishes... How boring... :(

And last but not least, here are Rimmel Precious Stones Collection; Diamond Dust and Ruby Crush... They look so shiny in the bottles, I wonder how they'll look on my nails...

So, here's the end of a haul post. Hope you enjoyed it... :) Take care...



Merry Christmas to all...

I have China Glaze Visions of Grandeur on my nails today.

I have bought pots of glitter from a craft store recently and never had a chance to use them. So today I gave them a try...

I made a christmas tree using the green and yellow glitter. The hardest part was to place them on my nails one by one. It took so longggg!!!!