Zoya Monica with holo stamping :)

Hi all!!!

Today I'm wearing one of my new Zoyas Michele sent me... It is Zoya Monica, from the
Zoya describes Monica as a dark, soft blue toned purple creme, but you know that I am not "that" good at decsribing colors, so for me this is a purple creme... Or plum... An eggplant creme at most... :)

Anyway, I used two coats over Rejuvacote. It was easy to apply, just as any Zoya...

Then I took my stamping box and searched for a design to go for this color... I haven't stamped with holos for a long time. So I decided using Color Club Harp on it with BM301 plate...

Loved loved loved the result!!!! :)




indoors with flash

indoors with flash

indoors with flash


Rimmel Salon Pro - Urban Purple

Let me tell you first! This polish has nothing to do with purple, eventhough it is called "urban purple"... It is more like a red-pink which is totally hard to capture on my camera...

Still, it is a nice color and with the gorgeous shine, it captured my heart with two easy coats and its maxi brush... Hmmm, maybe, just maybe I should get more from these polishes.... :P


Rimmel Salon Pro - Britpop

Recently, new Rimmel polishes came to my cosmetic store... They were bigger in size, with round fat bottles... They are called Rimmel Salon Pro... I grabbed a few while I can... :)

The first one I tried is Britpop... Apparently, it is from a series Kate Moss has created for Rimmel... 

It is an ocean blue with a "gel shine finish" and it is opaque in two coats... It has a new brush, fat and thick, which fits perfectly on my nails!!!!

Here's how I spiced it up!!!

Using Konad Special White, I stamped images from m78, flowers from m84, clouds from m79, bird from Q1 and the butterfly from m78...

Oh, sorry, the bird was stamped with Konad Black over the clouds... :)

Cute? I think so... :)


OPI LE Mariah Carey Collection Get Your Number

Warning: Lots of photos!!!!

I have bought the OPI Mariah Carey Liquid Sands back in the winter but forgot to wear them!!! It is not unusual when you have over 550 polish... :)

So today, with the sun heating my bones and Duri Rejuvacote working miracles on my nails, I decided to wear the blue one, aka OPI Liquid Sand Polish in Get Your Number. 

It is a sheer cool blue jelly base with lots of microglitter and hologram glitter!!! It took 2 coats for full opacity and the shine was... Well, unbelievable!!!!! 

And guess what? It is not a stainer!!!! Totally easy to take it off... So who needs the stainer Liberty when you have this... :P

Edit : I recently got Liberty from Michele, so I take all my bad words back. It may be a stainer, but it is still gorgeous!!!! LOL


Milani Textures - Shady Grey

While I'm still on the textures wagon, I wanted to try yet another brand. This time I tried Milani...

Honestly, I'm not that into regular textured polish, unless it is a unique color. I mostly prefer glittered textures... But this Milani Shady Grey completely changed my mind...

It is a lovely charcoal grey with a matte gritty finish. I used two coats as usual and it dried easily... (just like any other textured polish)

However, this polish is the grittiest of all the brands I've tried... Do I like it? Yes!!! I keep touching my nails all day long... :)

I stamped the NailzCraze NC01 plate swirls with Barry M Silver... I loved it!!! :)


La Bella Vernice Reilyn and Tana

Hi all!!!

Today I will be reviewing two gorgeous polishes from a new indie polish maker, La Bella Vernice... The owner, Roni is a friend from facebook and she offered two colors to me to review...

First of all, I want to tell you that I have never seen such cute packaging... :) Look for yourself...

The polishes come in this cute box with the cutest card I've ever seen... :)

When you open the box, you see the holos!!! (fyi, these are minis, 5ml versions. The standard ones are 15ml. Aren't the mini bottles cute???)

Anyway, I started with Reilyn... Not just because it rhymes with Aylin, but also because it is a gorgeous deep purple with scattered holo!!!!

I used two coats for swatching, over an acqua basecoat. The formula was really pigmented, almost a one coater. But I did a second coat to even things out. The drying time between coats is normal and the formula is a pleasure to work with... I did not use a topcoat, because I wanted you to see the original finish.

And here are two off focus photos to show you the holo!!!!

Next one is Tana, a light green again with scattered holo effect... This one is the green I'd go for. The formula is sheerer than its friend and needed 3 thin coats. For this one, I did not use an acqua base coat, just to tell if it needed... In my opinion, it needed. Again, no topcoat is used...

The Verdict : Both polishes are lovely and a pleasure to work with. But since I'm a purple girl, I fell in love with Reilyn...

And btw, all pictures were taken under the sun, thanks to the humid Istanbul weather... :)

La Bella Vernice retails for $10 for 15ml standart bottles and $4.5 for 5ml mini bottles.
They offer international shipment!!! Go and check the other beauties at www.bellavernice.com
Le Bella Vernice is also on Facebook.

Maybelline Color Show - Bublicious

Maybelline Color Show nail polishes started to show up in Turkey recently. I went to the store hoping to see some new shades, but unfortunately, the colors are limited and there was nothing fancy...

But I grabbed this, just to try...

It is called Bublicious, it is a neonish pink creme... Looks lovely on the nails, 2 coats for full opacity...
The formula is easy to manage...

On my ring finger, I have another Rimmel Salon Pro. This one is Black Out. I bought this hoping that it was a one coater as well, but it wasn't. Still, is has a gel like shine and the perfect formula for a 2 coater black... :)

Anyway, I used my Konad plates for stamping. m79 for polkadots, m69 for the zebra print, m57 for the leopard, and m59 for the bow... All stamped with Konad Special Black...


Guestblogger - Cristina from The Clockwise Nail Polish

Hi ladies!!!

My holiday is about to end, uınfortunately! I will be back in 2-3 days time... I really want to thank my awsome friends who participated... Because of them my blog was not left unattended and you got to meet my talented lovely friends...

Here's another one of the talented ladies!!! You must know her very well, if you are a nail addict like me... :) She is Cristina from The Clockwise Nail Polish!!!! And she has done a wonderful mani!!!

Hello Aylin’s readers! :)

I’m Cristina from Portugal and it’s a pleasure to be here with you all :)! I come here from time to time to drool on some gorgeous manicures of Aylin and then I got the chance to meet her more deeply after a swap we did :). Well, as me and Aylin share similar tastes regarding nail polish and nail art, I decided this post should include our actual textured polish craziness as well as stamping! :D

Do you see any optical illusion? Is your head confused? Ups, sorry! Lol This wasn’t my first intention but then texture plus geometric designs... well, things happened! I know Kiko polishes can’t be purchased on Turkey (wish I had the power to change this!) but I’m quite in love with them and it helps I have Kiko near me too :p This one, Kiko 643 Verde Primavera, has this beautiful shade of green with golden shimmer. It dries quite fast and is so, so easy to apply! There’s almost no polish cuticle invasion, perfection! :D

Regarding the nail art, I stamped the geometric image from plate Pueen 19 with La Femme White polish. I love to see and use sand polishes with full and detailed stamping designs; it creates a very interesting look J With a dotting tool I placed the pink dots with Kiko 642 Fucsiafrom the same Sugar Mat collection in middle and ring fingers. Do you like the dots or not really?

I got a few compliments and people touching my nails because even with the optical illusion the texture was quite noticeable. Of course a girl gets her spirits high! Lol! I hope you can have the chance to purchase one of this KikoSugar Matt polishes and enjoyed my nail art. Kisses to you,

Cristina Santos

Wow, Cristina!!! This one looks stunning!!! And using the Kiko that I didn't have???? Now I want this one as well!!!!

Thank you!!!!