Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween to all!!!

Although we don't officially celebrate Halloween in Turkey, there are still some parties here and there. My daughter used to celebrate it in Kindergarten as well... Every year I used to sew her a dress for Halloween... :)

Anyway, since it is a fun holiday and since my Halloween package arrived the other day, I have an excuse to make a Halloween nail art for today!!! :) :)

I used Essence Black is back on my pinkie and then stamped it with BM223 using Essence stamping polish in white...

For my ring and middle fingers, I used two coats of Spoiled Orange You Glad, an awsome polish for Halloween... For the ring finger, I drew a pumpkin using Essence Nail Art Tatoo pen... :) Not so bad, huh? And for the ring finger I stamped the haunted house from BM305.

For the index finger, I used two coats of Australis Limited Edition 2, also a great green for Halloween... :) I stamped the straight lines from Cheeky10 and then made it look like a witch shoe using the tatoo pen again. :)

Andddddd for my thumb, afgter 2 coats of Australis Limited Edition 2, I freehanded Frankenstein!!!! I totally worked hard for that and I am quite pleased with my work, since I suck at freehand drawings!!!!!!!



Here's a closeup of Fankie... :P


Happy Halloween!!! Do not eat to much candy!!!! :P


October Halloween Swap from USA

Halloween is right behind the corner and my Halloween swap package from the lovely Veronica arrived today, right on time! The package was bursting at the seams and when I opened it, this cute cart welcomed me... :) ^^^^

And lots of Halloween candy!!!

Well, this package was more for my daughter, so be prepared to see some cute stuff... Polishes are at the very end if you don't want to wait... :P

This Monster High Nail Polish set made my daughter jump!!!

This Eos lipbalm was for me!!!!! I love eos! Love love love!!!

And this tatoo is for my daughter as well. Well, there's two in the package, so maybe we can be tatoo sisters... LOL

Lots of extra cute foam stickers!!! I guess someone is going to make a Halloween craft tomorrow :)

More stickers... :)

More candy...

I loved this cupcake liners!!!!

 Finally we are moving to my stuff... Elegant nail stickers!!!

Here's my polish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Essie Turquoise and Caicos and In the Cab-ana and Zoya Godiva!!!!

More polish!!!
Fantasy Makers Glow in the dark polish, China Glaze Luxe and Lush, Spoiled Orange You Glad, Sinful Colors Let's talk, Nail Junkie, I miss you and Queen of Beauty!!!

Wowza!!!! Isn't this a wonderful package???? Thank you very much Veronica!!! I loved every piece of it... Now, wait for my Halloween Manicure!!!


BornPretty Store Color Changing Polish

I've been wanting to try color changing polishes like forever. So when Born Pretty Store sent me one to review, I was extremely happy.

I picked this purple/sky blue shade among the 10 shades available... The brand is called Ylin Mood. It comes in a box with chinese writing, so I did not get a single thing it was trying to say... And I'm not sure about the size of the bottle as well. But as far as my eagle eyes can tell, it is a 5ml/8ml bottle...

When I opened the box, I found this...

As you can see, the bottle looks like the polish is not properly mixed inside. So I gave it a long shake... Nothing. I rolled it in my palms and gave it a good shake again... Still nothing... So I gave up and opened the bottle for application. To my surprise, the polish inside was not marbled like the bottle, but a solid blue color...

Anyway, I applied two coats on my bare nails. The formula is a little thick and application is a little tricky. But by the second coat, the formula evens out.

Below is the polish right after 2 coats of application. I did not use a topcoat. I thought maybe it would mess up the color changing formula...

Anyway, after it completely dried, I dipped my fingers in cold tap water and took a picture. It really is a lovely sky blue as you can see...

 Then, for experimental purposes, I dipped 4 fingers into hot water... They immediately changed to a nice purple... In the picture below, you can see the change...

I wished my nails were longer so I could show you both colors together. To achieve that look, I dipped my fingers halfway in the hot water. When I took the picture, I saw that some of the polish had chipped. I don't know why this happened, maybe it was because I did not wear a topcoat, or maybe because my bottle was a defected one... :(

I will give this polish another try when my nails are longer, and I will use a top coat this time.

Anyway, if you want to test this polish on your own nails, you can order it from Born Pretty Store for $7.84. Remeber they ship worldwide, free... And if you use my 10% off coupon, you might get it for a lower price...


Avon Savage and Stamping Decal Trials

My Bundle Monster Create Your Own Set plates (the new 2013 ones) have arrived safely... There are so many beautiful designs in this set that you want to use them over and over again. Congratulations to all the talented ladies who contributed...

You must have seen at least a gazillion of reviews of these plates in the blogesphere, so I will not bore you again with the same images... Instead of that, I'll jump to the first mani I ever did using those gorgeous plates...

Ok, I like skittle manis a lot and this time I tried to make a different one... I used Flormar Passionate Dots Pd03 for my pinkie, a teal texture... For the ring finger, I used 2 coats of OPI My boyfriend scales walls... And for the remaning nails, I used Avon Savage, another gorgeous teal creme...

I left the pinkie as it is and for the ring finger I made my first stamping decal. Actually, after viewing a lot of tutorials on the subject, it wasn't that hard. I used the patch image from BM411, stamped it with black and painted the insides with Avon Savage... The hard part was placing it on my nail. I think Seche has some trouble with my work, so any suggestion is welcome for attaching the decal on my nail... :)

For the middle finger, I used the interlocking dots design from BM412... What a clever image is this... Think about the possibilites!!! Loved it!!! Oh, and I used Essie Good as Gold for stamping...

Well, the index figer was the one I did not like... After 2 coats of  Savage, I used a coat of silver holo topcoat and then stamped on it with Savage again using BM423... Did not turn out how I expected it to be, but still not totally bad, is it?

Ah, and no picture of the thumb but I stamped it with Essie again and the dripping image from BM405, another all time favorite!!!!

So, what do you think?


Nail Polish Holder from Born Pretty Store

Today I'll be showing you something I found very useful... It is the nail polish holder from Born Pretty Store. They have kindly sent me this along with some other things for my review...

We've all been there, when our most used polish comes the end of the bottle, we all have trouble picking it up... In my case, this happens with my top coat bottle... (Since I have soo many polish and sooo many untrieds, I only see the bottoms of my fast drying top coats... LOL)

Anyway, I've seen some similar products in the blogesphere, and honestly I tried to make my own invention, a square piece of sponge with a slit on it... Well, it did not work out, because the sponge was not strong enough to hold the polish bottle... So this little gadget came to rescue... :)

I was sent a pink one, which I really liked. I don't know if there are other colors but I guess pink will do for everone... :)

Basicly, it is a soft piece of plastic that is strong enough to hold the bottle but yet soft enough to take the shape of the bottle you put in it.

The slit on the front is (in my opinion) to make your bottle tilt a little more...

Here, I've tried the nail polish holder with various polish bottles, to see if they all fit...

OPI Bottles



Rimmel Salon Pro

Avon (for a rectangle bottle)

LA Girls

So far so good... And it holds my Seche Vite and Poshe bottles perfectly also. You cannot see any pictures because I forgot to take them.... :) :)

The only bottle that did not fit was the Golden Rose Paris bottles. Other Golden Roses, jolly jewel or textures had no problem fitting. But this fat triangle bottle did not fit at all...

Here's another use of this nail polish holder that I invented!!!!

I've been trying to make stamping decals lately and I was in need of a place to hold my stamper while it was drying...

Ta da!!!!

Here's your stamper holder!!! :)

Overall, I'm highly satisfied with this simple yet useful product... And for $2,46, you cannot go wrong...

If you want to get yours, visit Born Pretty Store and remember, you have an extra 10% off with this code for my readers, along with free worldwide shipping...


Flormar Passionate Dots - Part 3

Hello!!! Today I'll be showing the last one of the Flormar Passionate Dots Collection... The PD05...

Blame me if you like, I saved the best for last... You know how much I like purple, and this purple was no exception...

I used two coats again and it looked like a regular gritty textured purple untill I went outside to take pictures...

Wow, it had showed some shimmer in the bottle but I did not expect this... Still, not as glittery as other brands, but it has a subtle shine of its own...

I know they are not even close, but I just wanted to compare it to Zoya Carter...

Totally a keeper, what do you think???