RETO 2013 - A new Challenge!!!

Well, since my January Challenge is over, I can start a new one, right?

I found the prettiest challenge over at Loving Cosmetic... The post is in Spanish and my Spanish is not that good as my Italian. But since the two languages are alike, I can understand most of it... Anyway, there's always Google Translate... :)

The rules are simple...

- There are 12 manicures to do...

- We are starting on Feb 4th.

- The challenge lasts for 12 weeks, this means one mani each week. And you get to post on any day of that week... (Loved it!!!)

- You have to use the Inlinkz code after posting each mani...

And the rest is up to your immagination...

Loving Cosmetics sent the English version of the table for me...

1st week -> Something about candy.
2nd week -> Something about love
3rd week -> Something about flags
4th week -> Something about Disney
5th week -> Something about Videogames
6th week -> Something about Fruits
7th week -> Something about brands (Coke, Nike, Dior ...)
8th week -> Something about Colors
9th week -> Something about Water
10th Week -> your imagination, whatever you want
11th Week -> Something about a Drawing
12th Week -> Something about Make Up

Isn't it fun? If you want to participate, please comment to Loving Cosmetic's post...

Don't forget, we are starting on February 4th... :)

My new Nailz Craze Plates

My new Nailz Craze plates have arrived!!!!

I guess I was one of the lucky ones to have them. :)

I bought my first plate about a month ago. I had bought NC02, the one with the unicorn... :) I've been meaning to buy the rest later, but when I saw that Natalie released a new plate with diamonds on it, I went crazy and ordered the rest!

To my surprise, the package came on only 5 days from Israel!

As always, it was neatly packed, bubble wrapped and came with a cardboard at the back, so the plates don't accidently get bent in the mail... :)

Here are all the plates...

Sorry for the fingerprints... LOL

I tried the diamond one today, NC04... As always, the images stamp crystal clear. The only thing that made my cry was the big diamonds... Just like the cloud pattern in the NC2 plate, you just have to scrape it really carefully to get a nice image. Because the image has a lot of flat area, it is really tricky to scrape... 

Recently, she made a video about the scraping method. After seeing her, I finally made my NC02 plate to work. I hope she makes another video for NC04.. LOL

For those who haven't seen the video, here's the link...

Anyway, for this mani, I used 17 Holo and Konad Special Black... Loved the way it blings... :)

Oh, the Konad Black is soooo hard to clean!!!!

The New 31 Day Challenge - Day 31 - Recreate someone else's mani

Oh my God!!! How time flies!!!

We are on the last day of the 31 Day Challenge... I am both sad and happy... I am sad, because I love doing challenges. They give me headstart when I lack inspiration...

I am happy, because it was really hard posting every day. I don't understand how other ladies do it but it was really tiring for me... I guess from now on, I'll be posting every other day, just like I used to do...

Anyway, for the last day of the challenge, we are supposed to re-create someone elses mani...
The mani I chose was the color opposites mani of Lydia from Lydia's Nails Day 16: Color Opposites.

Well, let's say I tried to re-create... I looked nothing like hers... Hers was more gorgeous. But mine did not turn out to be so bad... :)

Here's the awsome inspiration!!!

And here's my interpretation... :)

I used Essence Miami Roller Girl in Bienvenido A Miami, Essence Breakthrough and Flormar Matte M102...

Well, shall we make a round-up?

It was really fun being in this challenge with all the other ladies... Thanks Debbie, for the opportunity... :) Hope to see all the ladies in another challenge soon... :)


The New 31 Day Challenge - Day 30 - My Favorite Nail Art Technique

My favorite nail art technique???

Of course stamping!!!

But first, let me introduce you to my newest polishes....

I ordered them form a local web shop called Evoria... The package arrived like this...

In it there was a box...

In the box, there were my babies, wrapped in pink paper...

And here they are... Color Club Halo Hues!!!

These are the missing ones... Angel Kiss, Blue Heaven and Halo-graphic... I know, I know, these are old news, new 2013 holos are released, but please, I just got them... And it is impossible to keep up with the polish companies... :)

Here are all my Halo Hues... The old ones have a black cap... I wonder why...

Anyway, back to the challenge, I have two coats of Halo-graphic on my nails. And I stamped them with Konad Special Black and Cheeky Jumbo D...

There is a tutorial for making water spotted nails. I loved it sooo much and tried to make it. I tried hand sanitiser, alcohol, perfume, cologne... But I failed every single time. Then I remembered. I had the Cheeky Jumbo D and it had a pattern just like the one I wanted... :)

Sooooo, why bother... :) See, that's why I love stamping! You have endless possibilities!!!!

Enjoy the holo bomb!!!


The New 31 Day Challenge - Day 29 - Inspired by a Blogger

Oh, I follow many blogs... And I get inspired from them a lot. So when I saw the Nailasaurus with this mani, I knew I had to copy!!!!

I used Zoya Ziv as my base color.... After placing the tape, which took almost an hour, I painted my nails with Pastel 68 and 100...

I loved how this one turned out...

And the awkward hand position, only to show the thumb!!!


The New 31 Day Challenge - Day 28 - Inspired by my favorite colour

He he, my favorite colour... Aren't you sick of seeing purple? Well, I'm not...

Honestly, I first thought of doing another color but then I changed my mind when I remembered the new Flormar Matte Purple I bought yesterday... :)

Yes, Flormar released a new matte line... It has 12 matte finish colors. Mostly one coaters. I have tried the black and the wtihe for stamping. They work, but not as pigmented as other stamping polish...

Anyway, for today I have M111 on my nails. It is a dark plum/eggplant color. I wanted to try layering for today, because this polish did not look enough... So I used Sephora's flakies... Both of them... :)

And then I added even more glitter... The Jordana glitter is awsome... I will use it again soon... :)

And finally, the poor Flormar was no more matte.... :)

Here are the colours I used... :)


Today is my blogs 1st birthday... I want to thank all my readers for being with me thorugh my journey in the nail art department... LOL... (want to see my very first post? Really? Click here!!!)

I've learned a lot from my fellow blogger friends... I got inspired from their work... I still have a lot to learn and try but I'd be honoured if I inspired one person this year...

And I've made some wonderful friends because of this blog... It is always nice to know people who share the same ambition as yours...

Anyway, thank you all...

And Happy Birthday Posh Nail Art... :)


Wow, I had over 12.000 entries... Thank you all for your interest...

I've read all your comments, and I see that a big percentage wants to see tutorials on the blog...

Well, I don't feel like I'm one hell of a nail artist, since there are many talented bloggers doing many wonderful jobs... And they make awsome tutorials, which I follow as well...

But since you asked, I'll try to make a few tutorials... :)

And now it is time to announce the winners....

CONGRATULATIONS Precious P. and Radi D.!!!!!!

I've send your e-mails and waiting for your responses... Please remember that if I don't hear from you in 48 hours, I'll have to pick a new winner....

a Rafflecopter giveaway


The New 31 Day Challenge - Day 27 - Inspired by Me...

I prefer black a lot in my life... I love black because it suits everything... It makes you look thinner... It looks elegant... And I wear black most of the time...

Because if this, if someone is about to make a mani that is inspired by me, it should definetly be black...

So, here's my black mani with Rimmel Precious Stones in Diamond Dust...

Diamond Dust is a black based polish with tons of glitter in it, both holographic and normal. I expected it to be on the sheer side and used one coat of black underneath but it really was not necessary. Two coats would have given the same result.

The brush is loaded with glitter, so you don't have to go dabbing around to have an evenly glittered surface. The formula is nice, drying time is normal.

Surprisingly, this one dries to a semi matte finish and feels a little gritty... It is just like the little sister of OPI Liquid Sand... :)

I used one generous coat of Poshe to add extra shine and I can still fell the grittiness on some fingers... LOL

A blurry one to show the shine


The New 31 Day Challenge - Day 26 - Inspired by my country

I live in Turkey and I'm proud to be Turkish. I believe our flag is one of the most beautiful and meaningful flags around the world. So for today, I chose to paint my nails to the colors of the Turkish Flag...

The flag of Turkey is a red flag with a white crescent moon and a star in its centre. 

The current design of the Turkish flag is directly derived from the late Ottoman flag, which had acquired its final form in 1844. 

Its measures have passed by a law during the Republic period on May 29, 1936 which formed the shapes and measures of the current flag of the Republic of Turkey.

Ottomans used several different designs, most of them featuring one or more crescents.

There's a saying that after the Battle of Kosovo -1389, Sultan Murad visited the battle field, and all he saw was a field all in red because of the blood of the dead soldiers. Some say the Sultan Murad was in tears with the scene right before his eyes, and the reflection of the moon and the star in the bloody field inspired the idea for the flag of the victorious Ottoman Empire.

Turkish flag from the Bosphorus

I used Essence Snow White for the base and then stamped with Sally Hansen XtremeWear in White On. The plates I used are MASH 32 and Cheeky CH04.


EPIC Nail Mail!!!

Today was Christmas for me all over again... Why? I hear you asking... Because I got my swap package today from the other side of the world, Honolulu!!!

We've been arranging this swap with the lovely Kim for a long time. We sent our packages just before Christmas. My package took almost a month to arrive. Her package returned to me once, because of customs regulations (!) and I resent it again. I hope she gets hers in a few days time...

Anyway, I came home today to find the package in my mail box! I screamed every time I opened a bubble wrap!!! LOL

Let's take a look what was inside....

The whole gang!!! (did not fit my light box)

Wet'n Wild French White Creme and Black Creme

China Glaze Happy New Year! Cheers! Gift Set with Angel Wings, Glistening Snow and Frosted Shot Glass!!!

OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls and Skull and Glossbones!

Fantasy Makers Confetti, glitter... Amazing holo glitter... Never used one, but totally in love!!!!

China Glaze Cuticle Oil... Smells like candy!!! I'm about to lick my fingers!!! LOL

Zoya Suri and Tru

OMG, OMG, The Zoya Trio!!!! Finally I have Raven - Gilty - Purity!!!

Zoya Skylar and Charla

OPI Avojuice Hand & Body Lotion... I've heard nice things about this one...

Hawaiian Choclate!!! Yummmmy!!!

The caramel one is gone!!!! LOL

Various candy...

This one did not make it to the end of the photoshoot, as well.... :(

Now I have a huge decision to make... Which one should I wear first!!! LOL