Born Pretty Store Half Round Metal Balls and Dior Porcelaine - again

I just had to use my Dior Porcelaine again. But this time I used it to show you the new studs I got from Born Pretty Store.

This time I'll show you the half round studs that you can find here. They are like tiny beads, with flat bottoms so they stick better on your nail.

They come in two sizes; 1.5 and 2 mm in silver and gold colors. Again, there are more than 350 pieces, which lasts a really long time...

Here's the mani I made...

I used two coats of Dior Pocelaine for thumb, idex and middle fingers. The problem with this polish is this; it is streaky in the first coat. But if you use a second generous coat, it settles down. Almost.... :D
I added one 2mm stud in the middle and 2 1.5 mm studs to the sides.

Anyway, for the ring finger I used OPI My Vampire is Buff with Vivid Lacquer VL10 stamping and finally for the pinky, I used OPI It's Frosty Outside.

To order these studs, visit Born Pretty Store or go directly to this page. They cost $3.28 now for about 360 studs with free international shipping. And if you want an extra 10% off, just use the code below!!!!


Born Pretty Store Round and Square Rhinestores with Zoya

Hi there!

Today, I'll be showing you some round and square studs from Born Pretty Store.

I don't know about you but I love metal studs. I think they look really cool with manis. Altough they don't last very long time for me. I don't use glue to fix them because I don't like taking off process. So I put them over damp polish. And unfortunately with that method, they don't last very long. But who cares, I change my mani almost daily... LOL

Anyway, for those like me, these studs are plenty and they come in a round box like this one...

This one is the picture I took.
And this one is taken  from the Born Pretty Store website.

Well, judging from these two pictures, I think I got way too much from the round ones and less of the square ones. I just wish they were even... :(

Here are the close-ups of the studs... They are 2mm each.

And their sizes in centimeters....

Anyway, for the mani, I used Zoya Vespa and Neely, two coats of each. And I added silver square and round studs.

Well, if you want to order these studs, visit Born Pretty Store or go directly to this page. They cost $4.89 now for about 350 studs with free international shipping. And if you want an extra 10% off, just use the code below!!!!


Flormar Jelly Look - Ruby

Hi everyone!

Today I have yet another color from the Flormar Jelly Look collection. This time the color is "Ruby"...

You know, Flormar just started giving names to polishes, but I must say, they are still at the begining of the road. This is no Ruby people!!! I3d call this one a pink, even a radiant orchind, but not ruby... LOL

Anyway, the color is amazing, as well as the formula. It is highly pigmented so it can be used for stamping, which is a bonus... :P

To spice it up, I first made a mesh stamping followed by Konad m65 roses...


Flormar Jelly Look - Pale Eucalypt

Recently Flormar released a new collection called Jelly Look. It consists of 10 colors with a flat brush and great pigmentation with jelly shine. Think about Barry M Gellies... Like those...

Today I'll show you Pale Eucalypt from this collection. I have two coats without a topcoat.

It really looks like Essie Vested Interest, so I wanted to make a comparison...

Excuse the over flashed photo here. I think "someone" must have messed with my camera settings... :P

Not dupes, but they are really close. Flormar is just a tad darker. If you can't have the Essie, Flormar will do the same job for you... :P


Essie Fiji with Cheeky Happy Nails Jumbo Plate

The summer is finally here and I'm wondering if I should start taking outdoor pictures...

Honestly, I prefer my light box but sometimes the sunlight from my window is highly tempting. Especially when I'm wearing holos... LOL

Anyway, today I wanted something simple so I wore two coats of Essie Fiji, an off white pink creme. I have two coats. The mark you're seeing on my middle finger is because of the patch. I should have buffed it a little more I guess.

I used Cheeky happy nails jumbo plate for the flowery design with Flormar Jellylook pink...


BornPrettyStore - Easy Rhinestone Picker Review

Hi everybody.

Today I want to show you a product from Born Pretty Store that puts an end to your rhinestone problems...


It is a rhinestone picker pencil...

Like most of you, I've used various tools for picking rhinestones for my manicures. The best solution so far was damp dotting tools. Damp, as in I was licking the tip to get the rhinestone on the tool... :P

Believe it or not, these pencils are really easy to get attached to. You don't have to lick or use it with a topcoat. I don't know what it is made of, it looks like a rubberized material but it picks up rhinestones really easily and leaves them onto your nails effortlessly.

Here is a close up of the tip. I did not sharpen it very much, but this was enough...

It picks the rhinestone easily... I tried it also for studs and it works for them as well. I don't know if the tip gets blunt in time, but you can always sharpen it with a regular sharpner and these two pencils will go a long way, in my opinion. Just don't let your kid mistake it with white coloring pencil, like my daughter did... LOL

You can get the rhinestone picker pencils from Born Pretty Store with this link, two for $1.59 now, with free shipping worldwide. And if you use the code HLL91 at check out, you get an extra 10% off, special for my readers....


The Comeback...

Wow, it has been ages since my last post!

I really did not understand how time flew by. May was full of surprises, school plays, homework deadlines, nice weather, cycling, and sadly broken nails.

I don't know why but summer is like shedding months for me. I lose a significant amount of hair anlong with my precious nails. Does that happen to you also?

Anyway, for today, I want to share my lovely package from Karin, that came all the way from Sweden. It is a package that decribes her, and honestly, it was a good thing that we share the same taste... LOL

Here's what I got from her...

First of all, the polish...  Karin sent me her favorite Nubars. This is the first time I'm trying Nubar and I'm already in love with the brand. The formula is so easy to manage and the colors are lovely!!!

From left to right, they are Indigo Illusion, Wildlife, Fast Drying Topcoat, Sticky Basecoat, Cactus and Flamingo Purple (which is a pink)

And the little stuff... Lots of testers, and a bar or soap that smells divine!!!

And my favorite chocolate of all times!!!

A drawing form Nadine to Selin and Swedish recipes... :D

And a little gift for our grandma's cat...

A Dala Horse keychain...

And Swedish candy... Honestly, some of them were really salty for my taste... Literally, brought tears to my eyes... :)