Nordic Cap of Sweden 21

Here's a mani I'm proud of... I mean, I'm mostly proud of my work, but this one I liked better... :)

I used Nordic Cap of Sweden 21 for my base. It is, to me, a Smurf Blue! Totally... It has a hidden shimmer in it and the formula is easy to manage. Two coats was all it needed... :)

For my accent nail, I used Bonita glitter... It looks gorgeous in the bottle, a glitter bomb with holographic shimmer... :) But it is sheer, really sheer. I have 4 coats on to give enough coverage. Thank God that it dries quickly...

Annnnnd, to finish it up, I stamped with Mash 40 and then with a dotting tool, I added the blue spots...

This is the result I'm proud of... I looked at my nails all day... :)

Look at the shimmer!!!!


Color Club - Angel Kiss

Here's a quick mani I did using my Color Club Angel Kiss holo polish!

I used one thick coat of Angel Kiss. It is soooo pigmented that one coat was enough!

I stamped the images from Cheeky Jumbo C plate using Wet'nWild Black, which surprisingly stamped perfect! And guess what, it is easy to clean up... :)

BTW, it is totally surprising how a polish can change from regular to awsome with flash! Daylight pictures are soooo boring but flash pictures are.... Speechless.... :)



Just a quick update...

Just a quick update...

I finally updated my "Full Nail Plates Image Size Comparison" Chart... 

Feel free to use it, share it, enjoy it... But please don't forget to give credit.

Thanks :)

A-England Lady of the Lake

I really should dive into my untrieds pile more often...

This baby, A-England Lady of the Lake was sitting in my untrieds drawer for almost a year. Don't ask me why, because I have no answer... I just didn't have time to try it on...

What a shame!!!!

Anyway, this is two coats of LOTL with no top coat... All pictures taken under sun... :)

I love the scattered holo effect! I love holos!!!! :)


Golden Rose Holiday Textures 65

I couldn't stay away from Golden Rose textures... :) First I went and completed the glitter textures collection. I mean the ones from 51 through 60... All 10 of them....

And while I was there, I gave a chance to the regular textured ones... Well, two of them to be exact. 61, the deep blue and 65, the gorgeous pink!

Well, today I was in a playful mode so I decided trying 65 first.

For starters, 65 is a really pigmented polish. It is totally opaque in one coat. I thought of painting a second coat but the application was flawless, so I skipped it. (I may have used a thick coat, lol) Oh, and I had my usual basecoat under it.

Surprisingly, Golden Rose textures dry really quick. I mean, quicker than Zoya Pixie Dusts. But I waited a few minutes more before stamping on them...

As you can see, the finish is matte, no glitters, no shine. Regular texture... But it somehow looks cute... Too cute... Oh, and maybe it is the one coat I use, but it doesn't feel too gritty... It doesn't cling to hair or clothes...

So, as cute as it already is, I decided to make it even cuter by adding polkadots... Why? Because polkadots make everything cuter, right?

I should mention here that stamping on textured polish is definetly easy! I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On and Konad m70 plate.

 So, what do you think? Great isn't it? I LOOOOVEEEE TEXTURES!!!!!

UPDATE : The removal was easy peasy. Just like regular polish, it came off quickly. I think it is because it doesn't have glitter... :)


Golden Rose Holiday Textures 54

Today I'm wearing one of my new Golden Rose Holiday Collection Textured polishes. This is number 54, a gunmetal grey with silver glitter in it.

This is two coats with Essie Nourish Me base coat. They advise not to use base or top coat but I always use a base coat. And this one did not make any dragging or bald spots.  It was completely opaque in two coats. I waited 5 minutes before coats. The polish dired surprisingly fast. After I applied the second coat, it was dry to touch after 10 minutes... :)

The finish is matte and gritty. I did not use any topcoat.

Overall, I'm totally pleased with these textures. I even ordered the rest of them... :)



Indoors with flash

Indoors with flash, off focus to show the sparkles


Nail Mail from Portugal!!!

I had just gotten out of the shower when the doorbell rang... It was our lovely post(wo)man, carrying a package for me all the way from Portugal!!!

I am really into textured polish trend and I've been wanting some of the Kiko Sugarmats for a long time. That's when the lovely Cristina from The Clockwise Nail Polish came to rescue... She offered to send me the Kikos I've been lemming. She's an amazing lady, a very talented one actually. Her blog is full of super cool ideas and great nail art. :)

Anyway, I ripped the envelope open to find these...

Yeah baby, that's right! All of them!!!

The polishes!!! OMG, my first Kikos!!!!

Kiko 339 and 336, gorgeous blues!!!!!

SugarMats baby!!! Kiko 640, 642, 644, 645 and 646... Don't they look gorgeous????

I just hope the texture trend is here for a while. I have so many gorgeous textures to try!!!!

And my first Yes Love polishes... I've been seeing them on The Clockwise Nail Polish for some time and I really liked the colors. And now I get to try them!!! Yay!!! I really loved the bottles, they are soooo cute! Anyway, these are K039, K028 and K034...

Another brand I've been meaning to try... Cliche... This is the loveliest blue ever. It is called Topazio...

Yummy choclate!!!!

Nougat bars! I really loved this one. I ate one immediately and they taste so good!

And this is the stuff I don't get to taste... :) That's right, these were taken by my daughter! LOL

Anyway, this was a great package. Thank you again Cristina, you really sent the lovliest colors!!!!

Now the big question, which one should I try first?


Nordic Cap of Sweden 20

Today I'm wearing the Nordic Cap polish Malin has sent me. I have never tried this brand before... Here are my impressions...

First of all, the rectangle bottle is cute... It looks like Golden Rose Rich Color bottles. Easy to stock... LOL

The brush is neither too thick nor too thin. Just the right size for my nails. The formula looks runny, but actually it isn't. It doesn't flood the cuticles and it is really easy to handle. Almost opaque in one coat but I used two coats anyway... :)

The drying time is short. You get an totally even look with two coats...

Oh, and the color is to die for! It is a lovely shade of green, almost teal...

You know, I have 3 more polishes from Nordic Cap. I guess I'll love them as well... :)

Anyway, here's the mani of the day...


Indoors with flash

Indoors with flash

For the accent nail, I used two coats of China Glaze Angel Wings. It has the perfect holo look... :) For the middle finger, I used the cute bow from Cheeky Ch01 plate and stamped it with Essie Good As Gold. And topped them all with a coat of SV...

And that's my mani a-la-Cristina... :) She did a similar one the other day that I absolutely loved... :)


Wellnails - Drunken Nights at MacLaren's...

Remember Marianne from Rainbowify Me has sent me a gorgeous indie? From a Denmark indie brand called Wellnails? Well, today I have that polish on my nails....

It is called Drunken Nights at MacLaren's and it is a gorgeous green glitter of various shapes in a clear base. The most obvious glitter is the green cresent glitter that I love!!!!

I have two coats of DNaML over a black base, as worn by the producer... :)

The bottle is packed with glitter, so you don't have to fish some out. However, looking at her pictures, I think I should have placed them a little better... Well, next time... :)


Zoya Pixie Dust - Chyna

Well well well, look who is here... The beloved Pixie Dust sister, Chyna!!!

What a gorgeous color! Let me tell you, photos don't do this beauty any justice!!!! It is so much beautiful in real life!

I always feel weird wearing red, but this one is soooo gorgeous, I couldn't help but stare my nails all day....

There's nothing much to say, so I'll leave you alone with my pictures...


Flormar Light Summer Collection

Remember the other day I was writing about Flormar's new Summer Collection and how they dissapointed me? Well, here's that collection... Part of it... :)

From Left To Right : LS01, LS02, LS05, LS08 and LS06

There are 10 polishes in the Light Summer Collection. I bought only 5 of them. They look so cute and yummy in the bottles... In fact, they are really sheer polishes with hidden shimmer in them. So sheer that you need at least 3 coats to get the color of the bottle, yet you still have VNL.

For the pictures below, you have 3 coats, no base or topcoat...

LS01, a pale lilac

LS01, a pale lilac

LS02, pale blue

LS02, pale blue

LS05, pale mint green

LS05, pale mint green

LS06, pale peach

LS06, pale peach

LS08, pale pink

LS08, pale pink

Yes, pale is the secret word... PALE!!!!

Oh, and the formula is usual Flormar, drying time normal standarts... But PALE!!!!!