Blogger Drama???

There has always been some drama in the nail polish community. I always try to stay away from these kinds of acts. I'm just a regular nail polish loving girl who likes to share. I am no expert. I am not a nail-tech. I sometimes mess up my manis and mostly (no matter how hard I try) I cannot achieve a proper clean-up.

Most of all, I buy all my nail polish. I am not sponsored by any companies and I don't get any freebies.

Anyway, under these circumstances, I think it is a little overboard to say "Clean up or die".

That's all... :)


  1. I think it was directed at the child-bloggers mostly, who are 13-16 and have taken over the internet of late)))

  2. I think one of the most important things is what you mentioned about buying your polish. If you were sponsored or getting freebies then it would be massively important to provide immaculate swatches. Most bloggers are doing it for fun or to track their polishes and techniques they have attempted. The sniping takes the enjoyment away.

    1. Yep, I just do it for fun, too... :)

  3. Anonymous4/11/12 14:56

    It is hard to believe who would say such a thing. Poor girl!
    I think you clean up lovely - so do not take theese horrible words seriously.
    We are a lot of your followers who simply love to see your nails and ideas.
    Forget the poor and sick person, who sent that comment.

    One of your truely followers from Denmark
    Bodil Klitholm

    1. Thank you for your lovely words. But this is not about me. It's just a group of people who don't want to see bad clean-up pictures. I respect their ideas, too. But you always have the freedom to unfollow... No need to be hurtful, right :)

  4. I'm like you, Aylin, I also try and stay out of drama in the nail polish groups. And I don't give a damn if people aren't posting perfect manicures. Who decides what's perfect anyway!

  5. Definetly... I try to stay out too... :)