Nail Polish Holder from Born Pretty Store

Today I'll be showing you something I found very useful... It is the nail polish holder from Born Pretty Store. They have kindly sent me this along with some other things for my review...

We've all been there, when our most used polish comes the end of the bottle, we all have trouble picking it up... In my case, this happens with my top coat bottle... (Since I have soo many polish and sooo many untrieds, I only see the bottoms of my fast drying top coats... LOL)

Anyway, I've seen some similar products in the blogesphere, and honestly I tried to make my own invention, a square piece of sponge with a slit on it... Well, it did not work out, because the sponge was not strong enough to hold the polish bottle... So this little gadget came to rescue... :)

I was sent a pink one, which I really liked. I don't know if there are other colors but I guess pink will do for everone... :)

Basicly, it is a soft piece of plastic that is strong enough to hold the bottle but yet soft enough to take the shape of the bottle you put in it.

The slit on the front is (in my opinion) to make your bottle tilt a little more...

Here, I've tried the nail polish holder with various polish bottles, to see if they all fit...

OPI Bottles



Rimmel Salon Pro

Avon (for a rectangle bottle)

LA Girls

So far so good... And it holds my Seche Vite and Poshe bottles perfectly also. You cannot see any pictures because I forgot to take them.... :) :)

The only bottle that did not fit was the Golden Rose Paris bottles. Other Golden Roses, jolly jewel or textures had no problem fitting. But this fat triangle bottle did not fit at all...

Here's another use of this nail polish holder that I invented!!!!

I've been trying to make stamping decals lately and I was in need of a place to hold my stamper while it was drying...

Ta da!!!!

Here's your stamper holder!!! :)

Overall, I'm highly satisfied with this simple yet useful product... And for $2,46, you cannot go wrong...

If you want to get yours, visit Born Pretty Store and remember, you have an extra 10% off with this code for my readers, along with free worldwide shipping...


  1. I had one like this too, which I bought off eBay. I didn't like it though, so it's in the bin :D

    1. Well, it is a simple yet useful product... I'm really using it... :)

  2. Wow, I'm gonna have to order one of these now! I love that it holds different bottle shapes!