Essence - Red Ahead with Gilty

Sun is back in Istanbul this week and I'm surely enjoying the last rays...

Today I felt like wearing a fall color, altough the sun was at its holo state... Anyway, I picked Red Ahead, the new brugundy creme from Essence...

Don't let the name fool you, this is not a red. In fact, this is a dark, blackened brugundy... More brown in my opinion. Still a pretty color... I had two coats and no problems with application. I really love the brushes of Essence polishes... :)

The camera did not quite catch the color in the pictures below. It looks like black... :(

Anyway, I finally decided to use my Gold Leaf Topper, aka Zoya Gilty... I used one and a half coat (the half being a little dabbing) for my accent nail. I'm going to use it for a full mani one of these days... :)


  1. I love this combo. :)

  2. Thanks... I loved it too :)

  3. Absolutely right. This is not dark red in any means. this is blackened burgundy. I just wanted to know that what is the price of this nail polish brand? Can't wait:)