EPIC Nail Mail!!!

Today was Christmas for me all over again... Why? I hear you asking... Because I got my swap package today from the other side of the world, Honolulu!!!

We've been arranging this swap with the lovely Kim for a long time. We sent our packages just before Christmas. My package took almost a month to arrive. Her package returned to me once, because of customs regulations (!) and I resent it again. I hope she gets hers in a few days time...

Anyway, I came home today to find the package in my mail box! I screamed every time I opened a bubble wrap!!! LOL

Let's take a look what was inside....

The whole gang!!! (did not fit my light box)

Wet'n Wild French White Creme and Black Creme

China Glaze Happy New Year! Cheers! Gift Set with Angel Wings, Glistening Snow and Frosted Shot Glass!!!

OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls and Skull and Glossbones!

Fantasy Makers Confetti, glitter... Amazing holo glitter... Never used one, but totally in love!!!!

China Glaze Cuticle Oil... Smells like candy!!! I'm about to lick my fingers!!! LOL

Zoya Suri and Tru

OMG, OMG, The Zoya Trio!!!! Finally I have Raven - Gilty - Purity!!!

Zoya Skylar and Charla

OPI Avojuice Hand & Body Lotion... I've heard nice things about this one...

Hawaiian Choclate!!! Yummmmy!!!

The caramel one is gone!!!! LOL

Various candy...

This one did not make it to the end of the photoshoot, as well.... :(

Now I have a huge decision to make... Which one should I wear first!!! LOL


  1. Is there anything better than nail mail? No. No there is not.

  2. great nail mail! if youre ever looking to do another one I'd love to do a swap!

    love from Chicago<3

    1. I'd love to... Contact me anytime...

  3. Zoya 18K Golden one!!!! OMG!!!

    1. I was expecting this one for a long time.... :)

  4. Love your nail mail! Omg. Nail Polishes!!! <3