The New 31 Day Challenge - Day 12 - Tape Mani

I've seen many talentet blogger friends make awsome nail art with tape, but today, I keep it simple. Not because I can't achieve a tape mani, but because I lack creativity... Yep, sometimes that little fairy just passes me by... :)

Anyway, for today's mani I used Eccence Wanna Say Hello, a gorgeous brown. I loved it so much that it can be the brown I've been looking for for sooooo long... For the accent nail, I used Rimmel Gold save the Queen from the Metal Rush collection. I had hoped this collection was pigmented enough to use for stamping, but to my surprise, it came out pretty sheer. I have 2 coats of it and still you can see some bald spots...

Anyway, I then taped my fingers diagonally and stamped them with Barry M Gold Foil, one of the greatest stamping polishes I own... :) I used the design from Cheeky Summer Set CH44... I used the exact opposite for the accent nail...

And this is my tape mani...


  1. Wow that's so pretty! Love the colors, the stamp and the way you taped it off. That gold you used for the stamping is awesome.

    1. Oh, you should try Essie metallics. They really stamp perfect!!!!

  2. wow this is really fancy xx