The New 31 Day Challenge - Day 30 - My Favorite Nail Art Technique

My favorite nail art technique???

Of course stamping!!!

But first, let me introduce you to my newest polishes....

I ordered them form a local web shop called Evoria... The package arrived like this...

In it there was a box...

In the box, there were my babies, wrapped in pink paper...

And here they are... Color Club Halo Hues!!!

These are the missing ones... Angel Kiss, Blue Heaven and Halo-graphic... I know, I know, these are old news, new 2013 holos are released, but please, I just got them... And it is impossible to keep up with the polish companies... :)

Here are all my Halo Hues... The old ones have a black cap... I wonder why...

Anyway, back to the challenge, I have two coats of Halo-graphic on my nails. And I stamped them with Konad Special Black and Cheeky Jumbo D...

There is a tutorial for making water spotted nails. I loved it sooo much and tried to make it. I tried hand sanitiser, alcohol, perfume, cologne... But I failed every single time. Then I remembered. I had the Cheeky Jumbo D and it had a pattern just like the one I wanted... :)

Sooooo, why bother... :) See, that's why I love stamping! You have endless possibilities!!!!

Enjoy the holo bomb!!!


  1. Awesome! I soooo need these colour club holos in my life! Next buy I think! Also a stamp fan - this mani is fab - and looks just like water spotted!! :)

    1. You should definetly have them :)

  2. These colours are wonderful !