The New 31 Day Challenge - Day 25 - Inspired by my Childhood

My childhood was all about watching Mickey Mouse cartoons on the TV... I still adore Mickey and Minnie and had a great time visiting the Disneyland both in Paris and Orlando...

So for today, as my mani inspired by my childhood, I have Mickey and Minnie... :)

My drawing skills suck and I'm not that good at freehand but I really liked how this one turned out... I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Black Out, White on, Cherry Red and Mellow Yellow for this mani...

And I got inspired from this amazing mani...


  1. Love it !!
    Mickey and Minnie is my favorite too.. <3

    Rossy ❤
    Me, MySelf and I

  2. These turned out SO cute! I've been wanting to do some Mickey nails and this makes me even more excited to try some!

    1. Oh, you should try it...!