The New 31 Day Challenge - Day 31 - Recreate someone else's mani

Oh my God!!! How time flies!!!

We are on the last day of the 31 Day Challenge... I am both sad and happy... I am sad, because I love doing challenges. They give me headstart when I lack inspiration...

I am happy, because it was really hard posting every day. I don't understand how other ladies do it but it was really tiring for me... I guess from now on, I'll be posting every other day, just like I used to do...

Anyway, for the last day of the challenge, we are supposed to re-create someone elses mani...
The mani I chose was the color opposites mani of Lydia from Lydia's Nails Day 16: Color Opposites.

Well, let's say I tried to re-create... I looked nothing like hers... Hers was more gorgeous. But mine did not turn out to be so bad... :)

Here's the awsome inspiration!!!

And here's my interpretation... :)

I used Essence Miami Roller Girl in Bienvenido A Miami, Essence Breakthrough and Flormar Matte M102...

Well, shall we make a round-up?

It was really fun being in this challenge with all the other ladies... Thanks Debbie, for the opportunity... :) Hope to see all the ladies in another challenge soon... :)


  1. Replies
    1. Yes! And the camera had trouble capturing it!

  2. This is so cute! I love the leopard print and the colors!

  3. I love it! You did such an awesome job! ♡

    1. Oh, it is nothing compared to yours... I am not good at freehand... :)

  4. I think you did a great job recreating it! Your leopard print looks amazing.x