My new Nailz Craze Plates

My new Nailz Craze plates have arrived!!!!

I guess I was one of the lucky ones to have them. :)

I bought my first plate about a month ago. I had bought NC02, the one with the unicorn... :) I've been meaning to buy the rest later, but when I saw that Natalie released a new plate with diamonds on it, I went crazy and ordered the rest!

To my surprise, the package came on only 5 days from Israel!

As always, it was neatly packed, bubble wrapped and came with a cardboard at the back, so the plates don't accidently get bent in the mail... :)

Here are all the plates...

Sorry for the fingerprints... LOL

I tried the diamond one today, NC04... As always, the images stamp crystal clear. The only thing that made my cry was the big diamonds... Just like the cloud pattern in the NC2 plate, you just have to scrape it really carefully to get a nice image. Because the image has a lot of flat area, it is really tricky to scrape... 

Recently, she made a video about the scraping method. After seeing her, I finally made my NC02 plate to work. I hope she makes another video for NC04.. LOL

For those who haven't seen the video, here's the link...

Anyway, for this mani, I used 17 Holo and Konad Special Black... Loved the way it blings... :)

Oh, the Konad Black is soooo hard to clean!!!!


  1. This is just fantastic! You did a great job with this design! LOVE IT! <3

    1. Thank you Natalie... Your plates are amazing!!!!

  2. Love this! Diamonds are a girl's best friend.