The New 31 Day Challenge - Day 26 - Inspired by my country

I live in Turkey and I'm proud to be Turkish. I believe our flag is one of the most beautiful and meaningful flags around the world. So for today, I chose to paint my nails to the colors of the Turkish Flag...

The flag of Turkey is a red flag with a white crescent moon and a star in its centre. 

The current design of the Turkish flag is directly derived from the late Ottoman flag, which had acquired its final form in 1844. 

Its measures have passed by a law during the Republic period on May 29, 1936 which formed the shapes and measures of the current flag of the Republic of Turkey.

Ottomans used several different designs, most of them featuring one or more crescents.

There's a saying that after the Battle of Kosovo -1389, Sultan Murad visited the battle field, and all he saw was a field all in red because of the blood of the dead soldiers. Some say the Sultan Murad was in tears with the scene right before his eyes, and the reflection of the moon and the star in the bloody field inspired the idea for the flag of the victorious Ottoman Empire.

Turkish flag from the Bosphorus

I used Essence Snow White for the base and then stamped with Sally Hansen XtremeWear in White On. The plates I used are MASH 32 and Cheeky CH04.


  1. Perfect - and thank you for the history lesson! :)

  2. Great post! Love the mani :)

  3. I love the Turkish flag! My husband was stationed there last year and it is such a cool country!