The New 31 Day Challenge - Day 28 - Inspired by my favorite colour

He he, my favorite colour... Aren't you sick of seeing purple? Well, I'm not...

Honestly, I first thought of doing another color but then I changed my mind when I remembered the new Flormar Matte Purple I bought yesterday... :)

Yes, Flormar released a new matte line... It has 12 matte finish colors. Mostly one coaters. I have tried the black and the wtihe for stamping. They work, but not as pigmented as other stamping polish...

Anyway, for today I have M111 on my nails. It is a dark plum/eggplant color. I wanted to try layering for today, because this polish did not look enough... So I used Sephora's flakies... Both of them... :)

And then I added even more glitter... The Jordana glitter is awsome... I will use it again soon... :)

And finally, the poor Flormar was no more matte.... :)

Here are the colours I used... :)


  1. Ahh purple is my favourite to. I never get Tired of purple :)
    This mani Looks great on you :)

    1. Thank you... I always prefer purple... :)

  2. Hi! You the other day on my blog, I said if my challenge would be in English. Here I leave my challenge in English version. If you want your target, then you must of put it back in my blog with the link to your blog.

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    7th week -> Something about brands (Coke, Nike, Dior ...)
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