Guestblogger - Elis from The Black Widow's Place

Hi all! Today I have another guest blogger and a lovely friend, Elis from The Black Widows's Place... She has done an amazing post about a brand I've never tried... :) Let's see....


I am very glad that I got the honor of participating in Aylin's amazing blog.
First, a little something about me. I'm from Eastern Europe (Bulgaria) and I moved to the U.S. 5 years ago. Since then, my obsession is those small beautiful bottles of nail polish. I have two wonderful children and am currently a stay-at-home mom. Even with the children, I still find time to work on my own blog  (http://theblackwidowsplace.com/)
I am going to show you something new from Salon Perfect (SP). Rumors are that they are actually owned by China Glaze and focus only on professional salon manicures.

We all know the wonderful matte glitter polish made by the Indie brand "Nail Venturous". This new collection by SP is a very good copy of them (They even have a color very close to Floam).

The color "Jolt" has matte yellow and orange glitter particles in a transparent base. The polish is quite thick and can actually need two coats to achieve good coverage.

As a base, I used Sally Hansen's "Hard to Get" and only one layer of Jolt. The big question was whether or not it would absorb the top coat. I used a fast drying top coat in the beginning and everything was fine until it got absorbed and the surface of the nails became dull and uneven. I decided to try a different top coat - "Gelous". It got absorbed as well, so I gave up. Apparently, with this type of glitter you cannot achieve a smooth effect unless you put on several layers of "Gelous".

As you can see, the manicure is very interesting and mostly yellowish because of the numerous yellow Glitter particles.

I hope that you liked my manicure and I thank Aylin for hosting me in this wonderful blog.

Keep Smiling. :)
Thank you Elis, that was a lovely mani... It looks awsome.... :)