DIY Hand Scrub and a Guest Handmodel...

Today I want to share with you a diy handscrub I've been using...

I feel like my hands need a good scrub from time to time, say weekly... I've seen many yummy hand scrubs on the market... I especially like the ones from Bath and Body Works... They smell gorgeous! However, they are on the pricy side...

So, I decided to make my own... :) Now I'll share my super cheap and xtra secret formula!!!

And, as a special guest, we have a cute hand model with us today, my daughter Selin...

She asked for a mani and volunteered to be my hand model for today. :)

First, we soaked her hands in warm soapy water until her hands looked wrinkly, like 5 minutes... :)

Then I put a spoonful of brown sugar in her palm...

NOTE : Usually, when I'm doing this for myself, I don't wet my hands. Using this mixture with dry hands gives you the ultimate peeling. But using brown sugar with dry hands may be a little harsh for this little hand, so we did the wet version for her...

And a little dab of her favorite hand cream... I usually prefer the greasiest one for myself.

And then we did some serious rubbing!!! Hands, fingers, cuticle area... Do not do this with polish on, the sugar particles may make scratches on your polish!!!

Throughly rubbed, soft, yummy hands... :)

Here are super soft hands, after being washed and dried!!!

And last but not least, some gentle cuticle pushing... I use Mavala's cuticle pusher, the one with the rubber pusher part...

Finally, we put on some nail polish... Of my stash!!!! :)

Essence Nail Art Twins Romeo and Julia...

Cute!!! :)

My model was really happy with this procedure... Let me know if you try it.... :)


  1. What a great hand model your daughter is! ♥

    1. Ha ha, she's a natural, isn't she? :)

  2. Tatli kiza guzel yakismis :)