Guestblogger - Karin from Vacker & Underbar

Hi ladies... By the time you're reading this; I'll be diving to the deep blue Aegean Sea... LOL 

I have prepared some posts for you and I will have guest bloggers as well... So, we'll keep this blog up and running untill I return, thanks to friends...

Today I have my first guest blogger for you... It is Karin from Vacker & Underbar... She has a lovely blog and she accepted to do a guest post for my lovely readers... 

Here's what she wrote...

Hello all lovely readers of Posh Nail Art. My name is Karin, I write the Swedish blog Vacker & Underbar (Beautiful & Lovely - http://vackerunderbar.se), which not only contains lots of daily manicures but also make up, beauty and big amounts of pictures of my two cats. 

Aylin asked me on Facebook if I wanted to guestblog, and this is my contribution. This is China Glaze - It's a Trap-Eze! from the Circue du Solei-collection. This polish is loaded with glitter in a lot of different colors, but the base is white. I decided to use Nubar White Tip first, instead of a lot of layers of China Glaze. This is only one layer of it China Glaze, I think the white base would cover the glitter to much other wise.

It is a bit tricky to get even thou, the glitter does not want to be evenly distrubuted so I had to use the brush to get them out on the nail. 

I love this explosion of colors, even if I seldom use glitter polish other wise. I find them to hard to remove. 

Please visit my blog for other manicures! You will find me a http://vackerunderbar.se, you can easily translate it via Google Translate. 



Thanks Karin... That was a lovely post... And you've got nails to die for... Hmmm, maybe you should make another post for us, showing your nail care routine... :)


  1. Thank you Aylin! I would love to guestblog again! Maybe you can guestblog with some awesome nailart at my blog? =)