Essence - New in Town

Looks like Essence will be hopping in the textures vagon in September as well.... :)
I'm sooo glad this texture thing is here to stay!!! And I'm really curious about this polish!

The rest of the collection has metallic eyeshadows, glitter eyeliners and 3 more polishes, which I believe one of them is a duochrome.... :)

Oh and a bonus surprise!!!! I've learned how to make gif files!!! So, be prepared for moving pictures!!!! LOL

Summer in the city! From September 2013, essence is sure to be the beauty-talk of the town with its trend edition “new in town”. Whether it’s a fashion hotspot or an exciting insider city tip – every town has its very own spirit. This trend edition is ideal for trendsetters who pride themselves on always staying up-to-date with awesome products guaranteed to attract lots of attention. The ultimate trends for true urban style: metallic and sparkling highlights on your eyes, deep-black lashes, long-lasting lipsticks in nude, pink and berry, summery pink cheeks as well as nails painted in the latest it-shades white with a shimmer, pastel rosé, cool gold with iridescent results and black with an über-trendy “sparkle sand effect”!

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  1. The textured one looks awesome. Can't wait to get my hands on it :)