Nail Mail From USA

This week another swap package arrived from USA, this time from Elis, the owner of The Black Widow's Place...

Without blabbing, I want to jump straight to the pictures, because they tell all the story.... LOL

Let's start with the polish, shall we? From left to right; OPI Tomorrow Never Dies, OPI Last Friday Night, and Layla Hologram Jade Groove!!!! Do I have to say that this is my first Layla??? I've seen so many gorgeous Layla holos and I'm dying to try it.... :)

Here's the much appreciated candy for my daughter...

And the stationary set again for my daughter... :)

Andddd I saved the best for last!!!!

My first EOS lipbalms... :)

Another product I was dying to try... I saved them from my daughter's hands... Had to fight for them, seriously!!! But so far, I can say that they are totally worth it... My lips are softer already... LOL

Thank you Elis... :)


  1. How Fun! It's like Christmas getting packages in the mail and then getting to open them seeing what goodies are packed inside. I love that blue glitter polish by OPI, Last Friday Night. I used to love that song so much I would play it over and over. And over. I went through a Katie Perry girl crush phase.

    1. I feel the same with you... Each package is highly welcome... And that blue OPI is really cute... :)