Guestblogger - Camilla from Bookpolish

Hi guys... I hope everything's OK with you... Today I have another guestblogger for you. It is Camilla from Bookpolish!!! She has the most gorgeous nails and lovely photos... Let's see what she prepared for us...

"Hi everyone! I’m Camilla from Bookpolish and I’m here to entertain you, while Aylin is off putting her shades on and her feet up. Today, I aim to give you a bossy-looking manicure that you can wave around at the beach, ordering margaritas, and a great summer-read that will have you peeing yourself with laughter and snorting that margarita out your nose if you’re not careful!
First off. The manicure. I used two coats of a Thai brand - Dodwell - in a grassy green shade as a base, and on top, to make it really pop and scream, I used Nfu Oh 056 - a green/blue jelly flakie. Unfortunately, here in Sweden we’re having our usual rainy June, and while the sun made a very brief appearance when I did my base color, it was long gone by the time I was ready to shoot the pics of the finished mani. You have to IMAGINE the crazy sparkle in the sun. And the margaritas. And the beach. Or, wait!! You have the sun and the beach in Turkey!! I am green with envy.

Now - what to grab for said beach? Well, my favourite allt-time beach-read is Carl Hiaasen! His crime novels are always funny, and their common denominators are that they take place in Florida, they have characters from all walks of life and at the center of each book is a care for the environment. Sick Puppy is his very best one, I think, and in this one you get to meet “dog-napping eco-terrorists, singing toads, a Republicans-only hooker... and a notorious ex-governor”. Enjoy your summer, ladies!"

Hope you like it, Aylin!
Have a wonderful vacation:)


Thank you Camilla, that's a great post. And a wonderful mani... You really made me snort!!! :)


  1. Anonymous21/7/13 10:09

    Lovely mani! Love the colour!


  2. Ohh man! So gorgeous with the flakies!

    1. I looooved the flakies!!! I should get myself a nubar soon!!!!

  3. Such a pretty color! Then add the flaky's is amazing!

  4. Wonderful Camilla! I love the adding of flakes! But you know me, I love sparkles and this really sprkles!

    1. Lol Anja, same here! Anything that sparkles!!!!