Winstonia Nail Plates - 1st Generation

With all the new plates coming out, my bank account is ... Well, just empty!!!!

Eventhough I tell myself that I don't need any more plates, I end up buying more...

Anyway, Winstonia plates were no exception...

They don't ship to Turkey unfortunately, so I contacted my friend Chrisie from USA and being such a great lady, she accepted to send them to me... (Thanks again Chrisie!!!)

The set is called the First Generation plates and there are 20 plates in it. There are 139 designs in total... They come in a box like this...

The plates are covered with blue film to prevent scratching (and I forgot to take its picture)... :) And they each have cardboard backings so you don't accidently cut your fingers... :)

The full designs are 1.6cm long and 1.3cm wide. They are big enough to cover my thumb, so we have no problems there... :) They are the same size as the Cheeky Vibrant set.

They have lots of great images in this set! My favorites are the full nail designs, as always... But I loved the one with the mustache!!! I did not have any plates with mustaches, so... :)

Oh, and the most important thing; they stamp perfectly!!!!! Just like a dream!!!!

Oh, there are so many manis I want to make with these plates...

Anyway, if you want to order, you can visit the Winstonia web site or you can order over Amazon.com...


  1. So many cute designs. ahhh, How many plates will I ever buy? I don't even use the ones I have .. *sighs*.

    I LOVE these though.

    1. I totally understand you! I have nearly all the plates available on the market, still I'm looking for new ones... :) talk about addiction!!!!