Guestblogger - Marianne from Rainbowify Me

Opps, my intro did not show up! Thanks to Blogger App, I can edit my post from the beach!!!!  Now, before you kill me, here's the intro.

Hi all,

Today my swap partner from Denmark will be our guest! You should know her by the gorgeous polishes she sends me if you read my swap posts!!!! 

Here is Marianne from Rainbowify Me!!! 

We became friends last year and had made numerous swaps since then. She is a dear friend and an awsome talented lady! You should check her blog for inspiration!!!!

Anyway, here's what she wrote....

Hi everybody!
First of all I want to thank Aylin for giving me this opportunity to guest blog for her. It’s an absolute honour!

When Aylin asked if I wanted to guest blog here, I almost instantly knew which mani I wanted to make. I’ve swapped with Aylin a number of times now, and I still remember that she sent me nail stickers in our first swap. And not just any ol’ nail stickers, no : nail stickers to protect me against the evil eye.

The evil eye is a look that is believed by many cultures to be able to cause injury or bad luck for the person at whom it is directed for reasons of envy, fear or dislike.

Attempts to ward off the curse of the evil eye have resulted in a number of talismans in many cultures. I’ve let my mani be inspired by this picture:

I started out with a silver holo from Urban Outfitters. It’s just called Silver Holo, how original of them! :D I used my aqua base coat and two coats of the holo. It’s a strong linear holo, I really like it.

For my evil eye amulets I first made big dark blue dots with Maybelline New York “Electric Blue”. Then I made white dots inside the blue dots, using Essence 50’s girls reloaded “Ahoy!”. Another dot was added inside – a light blue holographic one, using Nabi Hologram “Ocean Blue”. The last dot is black, and I used Essence “Black is Back”. And then I made random small blue dots with the Nabi holo.

And here it is, my final mani:

This turned out exactly like I wanted it to – I love it when that happens!

I’m sure to be protected against evil eyes with this mani!!

Here’s what two coats of the holographic Urban Outfitters polish look like. It’s a really great holo!

And here are all the polishes I used for my manicure.

Thanks for watching – I hope you liked what you saw.

xox from Marianne / Rainbowify Me

Perfect as always!!! Thank you for your contribuition, Marianne!!!! I really admire your work. And you did a wonderful evil eye mani... ;)


  1. It's a perfect match - super cool mani!

  2. This is really cool! I love the final result! :)

    ~ Yun

    1. I loved it as well! She really did a fantastic job!!!

  3. Thank you girls, I'm really glad that you like it :)

    1. Are you kidding? It is fantastic!!!! Thank you for doing this!!!

  4. I love it. Certainly matches very well with the first picture.

    1. She really did a good job! I loved it!!!