Chanel Vendetta & Zoya Cosmo

I own a small number of high end polishes, and Chanel Vendetta is one of them. It was actually a gift from my father, who is well aware of my polish addiction. Would I buy this shade? Well, no, but since it is a gift, I try to enjoy it... :)

Vendetta is a very dark eggplant purple with hidden shimmer. It is really dark, most of the time, you see it as black. And the sihmmer is really well hidden, you have to be under a really bright light to see it...

But this doesn't change the fact that it has an awsome formula. Applies like butter, two coats for a creamy rich finish...

Anyway, I tried something different today. I painted my accent nail with Zoya Cosmo (love love love this one), 2 coats. For the rest of my nails, I taped the nails and stamped a design from Pueen13 with Barry M silver polish, and ended up having a chevron like pointy french.

I really tried to take nice pictures of this mani, because it looks elegant in real life, but my camera refused to cooperate with me. I guess my photo-fairies were on holiday... LOL :)


  1. I love the dark mysterious base together with the glitter and silver!

  2. Hello!!!
    It's incredible! I love it :)