Bundle Monster 2014 Create Your Own Collection

The new Bundle Monster 2014 Create Your Own Set arrived months before and the pictures were waiting in my folder like ages...

Finally, I had the time to edit the pictures and share them with you.

I don't know about you, but I'm highly satisfied with the CYO concept. There are so many great designers among us and I love the images they come up with. So, if there will ever be a 2015 set, I'll buy it eyes closed.

This set consists of 20 plates that arrive in a nylon package. At that time, Bundle Monster had a promotion that included square stampers and I got them as well. But you'll be reading about them in another post. :)

The plates are regular round plates and are covered with the classic blue protective film. The backing is white plastic with BundleMonster.com written all over.

Here are the plates...

As you already know, or don't know, you can buy seperate plates from Bundlemonster.com. I did not buy the whole Holiday set, but since I was ordering the CYO set, I decided to put these two birthday themed ones in my shopping cart as well. :)

About the sizes of 2014 CYO plates...

Full images are 16mm to 14mm. They are big enough to cover my thumb easily.

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