Bundle Monster 4 pcs Stamper and Scraper Set

I've shared the Bundle Monster 2014 Create Your Own Collection the other day and I've told you that they had a promotion back then. So I ordered the rectangle stamper set along with my plates. And today, I'll show them to you. :)

The set consists of two plastic scrapers and one white and one green stamper.

The green one is firmer, while the white one is a soft squishy kind.

The green one measures 16mm to 26mm.

The white one measures 16mm to 26mm.

I did not have to prime the stampers. I just cleaned them with my lint roller and they were ready to use.

As you can see, I did not have any problems picking up images. I think they both work fine.

The green one seems a little bigger in size, because the white one has rounded corners. But as you can see, you can pick up the whole image on both of the stampers easily.

As for the scrapers, honestly, I did not try them, because I always use an old credit card. :) ;)

Thanks for reading. :)

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