A England - Dancing with Nurayev

Have I ever mentioned how much I love A England polishes?

I looooooove them. Especially the holo ones...

Dancing with Nurayev is no exception. It is a pale blue with holographic shimmer.

And it does miracles under sun...

Please note that all pictures but one are taken under direct sun. And that particular one is taken in shadow. So, you get that one most of the time, but when you go out in the sun, oh uh ah... :D :D

Why did I mention this? Because most of the time you search for holographic polishes and see the crazy rainbows in all of the pictures. But let's face it, without sun or artificial light, these babies may be a tad boring... So I wanted you to see both the glory and the regular state of the polish.... :)

in shadow, no flash, no artificial light

See you next time....