China Glaze - Pool Party

Hi everyone...

Today I was surprised when the postman delivered me a package. In it, there was a polish, China Glaze Pool Party to be exact, and it was sent by the China Glaze dealer in Turkey. I am their devoted customer and I haven't been shopping for some time, so they wondered if I was alive... LOL

Anyway, I thank them for this lovely gift and since I did not have this blindingly neon orange polish, I decided to use it asap...

First I made a gradient with Pool Party and some Flormar Matte polishes...

Then I used my BM309 plate for the flip flpos, Cheeky CH37 for the sun glasses and a no name plate for the palm trees... I liked the matte finish, so I did not use a topcoat...

And honestly, the pictures don't show the neons properly, but believe me, this Pool Party is awsome!!!


  1. I like the bright colors and gradient. Great mani, I wish it was summer!

    1. Thank you! I wish it was summer, too. I think these colors would look great on a tan... :)