GRFC Challenge - Glitter Overload


Today I'm back with the second day of the Getting Ready For Christmas Challenge!


I plan to finish the challenge on Christmas Day, so I did a little planning and I'm hoping to stick to that plan... :)

Anyway, for today, the theme is Glitter Overload!!!! Totally appropriate for Christmas...

For this challenge, I picked some jolly glitter... :)

My base is Isadora Gold Sparkles. It is a really pigmented gold, so one coat was enough because I was going to cover it with glitter anyway. But if you're thinking of wearing it solo, you may want to add a second coat.

Ant the glitter is Golden Rose Carnival 12. It is a clear based glitter with various sized green, black and red hexagonal glitter and some shredded white bar glitter. The polish is packed with glitter, however red ones are really hard to get on the nail, so I had to fish some and dab on each nail.

I topped it all with a coat of SV, as usual.

See you on day 3 :)


  1. Anonymous2/12/13 14:16

    Beautiful nails art!

  2. Oh man, Golden Rose does really do some awesome glitters!! Love the manicure :)

    1. I strongly advise Golden Rose Jolly Jewels and Carnival collections! Awsome glitters!

  3. I love that glitter!! So pretty!!

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  5. This beautiful nail polish! I am participating in the Elsa's tag ;)